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/ Series / Ojou-san, Anata wa Duelist Desuka?
Ojou-san, Anata wa Duelist Desuka?
Ojou-san, Anata wa Duelist Desuka?
8.3k Views 74 Favorites 10 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 47 Readers
5.0 (12 ratings)
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Sou yo~!! Daga, yahari wagahai wa Loli desu, Nanika?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Yugioh
Card Games Dreams Female Protagonist Loli
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      Status: p007 – chimeratech fortress dragon
      Feb 21, 2020

      There aren't many chapters to read yet, but I can definitely see a lot of potential in this story which makes this worth a look even if you haven't watched or played Yu-Gi-Oh in the last few years. The author puts tons of work into every duel to illustrate all cards and provide links to the wiki should you want to read a specific card effect aside from what is said in the dialogue meaning you won't be constantly wondering what the duelists are trying to do. Basic knowledge of the game is required, but that shouldn't prove too difficult to learn.

      Also from a story perspective this novel shows promise. There seem to be different plots in addition to the events of the show, like a confrontation between the meta deck using protagonist and the actual characters belief in their deck or how the characters perceive the change in personality of the protagonist. I can only hope these story elements can be fleshed out enough and combined with the anime's plotline in a fitting manner  and that this novel will be longer than the other works of the author.

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      Status: p008 – cyberdark dragon
      Apr 9, 2020

      Great attention to detial, great characterization, and great story structure.

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      Status: p010 – glossy and prismatic cards
      Apr 28, 2020

      First time writing a review, But I think this deserves one as it is the only 5ds fanfic on scribblehub!

      I love how the MC is a chunie Loli. Also, the duals are great and the rules are explained properly! The only thing that could make this better would be a more consistent release schedule. Otherwise, it is an excellent story with very few Grammer errors. 5 🌟 for me!

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