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/ Series / Parasitic Sword Monarch.
Parasitic Sword Monarch.
Parasitic Sword Monarch.
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Cultivators rule the multiverse, this is an indisputable fact, their ability to control the various elements and concepts grant the mightiest among them the right to stand tall above creation, dominating man and beast alike. Countless legends and mighty figures are spread throughout the multiverse, but none of this matters to the young boy born into a slowly declining clan in one of the larger universes. To him, all that matters is the safety of his clan and his family members, to reach that end, he would even wield the world itself as his sword and point the tip right at the throat of the heavens.

(Note, I do not own the rights to the image used as a cover.)
(and just in case it's necessary. Yes, Royalroad, this is my story and I allow it to be released there.)

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsRomance
Beast Companions Caring Protagonist Cultivation Gods Mythical Beasts Ruthless Protagonist
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