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Absolute Strengthening Technique
Absolute Strengthening Technique
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Glossary updating till the end of Volume 1 (Ch.126)
Tian Shen

Introduction: A young man who got cursed by killing a Cursed Serpent Queen. While searching for a way to remove his curse he encountered an Azure Dragon which and died. He reincarnated in the Central Continent and was adopted by Yu Ruyan of the Duanmu Family.

First Appearance: Chapter 01
Known as: Shen, Young Master Shen;
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Bloodline: Unknown
Hair color: Black with a tint of Bronze
Eye color: Black with a tint of Bronze
Current Cultivation: 7th Grade of Martial King (R-109)
Physique: Twelve Heavenly Meridians (01/12 Opened);
Qi Type: Absolute Qi (Omni-element, contains all type of natural qi. Includes range out of Qi of Xiantian);
Spouse(s): Yu Ruyan, Mingyue Gelou, Su Rou, Zhu Qing, Feng Wuxi, Shi Qingzhuang;

Profession: Alchemist & Physician

Basic Sword Technique
One True Will

Yu Ruyan

Appearance: Her skin was as smooth as jade and her mannerism was decidedly mature. She was as graceful as a poised noble, and she was certainly beautiful. She also had an aura that could attract men and women alike to do her bidding.

Personality: She is a social person and loyal to her friends, especially during hard times and equally domineering towards her enemies.

First Appearance: 01
Known as: Lady Duanmu, Lady Ruyan, Ruyan;
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30+
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Cultivation: Peak of Martial Saint
Spouse(s): Shen;
Allies: Nao Jin;
Mingyue Gelou

Appearance: She had a radiant beauty that was hard to hide from anything. Her beautiful face was without any touch of makeup. With a pair of phoenix eyes, as well as rounded breasts, sharp shoulders, and an elegant neck. All of which emitted a sense of nobility.

Personality: She had low self-esteem and also thinks of herself as a maid. Shen sent her to Feng and Qing clan for training purposes. At the same time to show her that she is far better than any average cultivator.

First Appearance: Chapter 16
Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: +8yrs of Shen;
Status: Alive;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: Grade 3 Xiantian;

Allies: Shen, Yu Ruyan;
Affiliation/s: Yu Villa;
Note: She is the second woman to sleep with Shen.
Tian Lingshuang

Appearance: She was adopted by Yu Ruyan, with Shen at the same time. She likes to be spoiled by Shen and Ruyan, and loves Shen.
Personality: Shy and normally cold.

First Appearance: Chapter 01
Known as: Duanmu Lingshuang, Lingshuang, ShuangShuang, Shuang'er, Tian Lingshuang;
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Same as Shen;
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Cultivation: 5th Grade Xiantian;

Relative(s): Yu Ruyan, Shen;
Allies: Unnamed Friend;
Feng Wuxi

Appearance: Her skin was fair and as smooth as white silk, her pair of phoenix eyes were also extremely captivating to look at. She wore a sky-blue dress that tightly hugged her curvaceous figure, displaying her body’s contour for all to admire as a slight smile hung on her mature and seductive face.

Personality: Cunning, Shen mentioned that if he lets his guard down around her, all his secrets would spill in no time.
Fell in love with Shen during the time he took care of her and supported her wholeheartedly.

First Appearance: Chapter 09
Known as: Feng Clan Head, Clan Head, Phoenix of the Phoenix Setting City;
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: +15yrs of Shen
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Cultivation: 2nd Grade Xiantian

Spouse(s): Shen;
Disciple(s): Feng Xishui;
Affiliation: Feng Clan;
Yu He

She is the owner of the most prosperous Inn of the Hundred Miles City, Yu He Inn. It was named after her own name. She was mostly taken care of by her grandfather, as she denied the marriage arranged by their family.

When her grandfather, Yu Donghao, was severely injured, she had to take care of herself. Later she created Yu He Inn and it became popular soon after. She was hesitant after learning that Shen had relations with other women, but once she went through her inner turmoil, she decided to stand with him firmly.

Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 23+;
Status: Prospective Lover;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: Peak Houtian;
Physique: Body of Hundred Flowers (dormant);

Allies: Shen, Yu Donghao;
Affiliation/s: Yu Clan;
Wenren Wushuang

Comes from a very poor family; her father died when she was 2 and her mother at 5. Eventually, she and her sister met their master and at some point moved to Hundred Miles City.

Doesn't want her children to have to suffer the same childhood that she did.

Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 19;
Status: Prospective Lover;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: 1st Grade Xiantian;

Allies: Shen, Wenren Wugou, Yu Ruyan/Yu Villa;
Affiliations: Night Fragrance Court;

Wenren Wugou

Older sister of Wenren Wushuang. Her brows were like a waning moon, with limpid watery eyes, an exquisite nose, and ruby red lips. With light makeup accentuating her beauty. Her figure was tall and lithe.

When compared to Wenren Wushuang, Wenren Wugou was basically a born seductress, everything about her – her personality, her features, her figure, her mannerisms, her sense of style, they all indicated that she was a man-eater.

She had a very coquettish and playful personality in front of Shen and is very proud of her sister Wenren Wushuang for her Martial Arts Talent. After the death of her family, she became a mother-like figure to her sister Wenren Wushuang and built the Night Fragrance court brothel from scratch

  • Early in her childhood both of her parents died due to an unknown cause
  • Built Night Fragrance Court from scratch

Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 24~;
Status: Prospective Lover;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: Martial Commander;

Allies: Shen, Wenren Wushuang, Yu Ruyan;
Affiliation/s: Night Fragrance Court;

Yiye Jiange

She was saved by Shen while being attacked by Multiple Xiantian beasts. Later she addressed Shen as her Master and promised to join in his journey after six months to one year later.

Her meridian was sealed by a Martial Saint during her childhood. After Shen gained medical knowledge, he removed the seals in her meridian. (ch.63)

She wears a veil to hide her beautiful face, but from the incomparably beautiful facial shape, as well as her eyes which were akin to the stars in the skies, was sufficient for people to tell that this person in front of them, was an absolute beauty. With her elegance and calm temperament, she easily isolates herself. Only Shen, her master, has a special space in her heart.

Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 24;
Status: Disciple;

Demonic Beast(s): Snow White Crane;
Cultivation: Peak of Martial King Realm;

Allies: Baili Jingwei, Gongsun Sanqian, Zhu Qing, Shen;
Affiliation/s: Skysword sect.

Huoyun Liu-Li

She is from the Firecloud Blacksmith in the Hundred Miles City. Later her master, the beauty of Cang Lang City, gave her the responsibility of taking care of the Earthly Paradise from Cang Lang City.

She encountered Shen during a visit on the Hundred Miles City and due to certain incidents, she tells him to take “responsibility”.

She is not exceptionally beautiful but rather ordinary and plain. However, her slender and graceful figure added to her beauty with pale skin and had a pair of narrow, fox-like eyes. Although her features by themselves were nothing out of the ordinary, they gave off an erotic feeling when placed together on her thin oval face.

Altogether, she was more alluring than beautiful.

One could stare at her for hours on end and not get tired, and her memorable figure would be branded into one’s mind.

Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 20+;
Status: Prospective Lover;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: Grade 1 Xiantian;

Allies: Beauty of Cang Lang City/Master, Shen;
Affiliation/s: Firecloud Blacksmith Store, Earthly Paradise;
Huan Jian

He has a chiseled face and broad back. Snow white skin that even girls might be jealous of! He is a handsome man with exceptional vitality due to his cultivation technique.

Prodigy of the Joyous Sect, he cultivates the dual cultivation technique that only the founder of the sect cultivated. His cultivation technique requires a lot of beautiful women with higher cultivation. The higher the cultivation the better.

Species: Human;
Gender: Male;
Age: 23;
Status: Enemy;

Demonic Beast(s): ???;
Cultivation: Grade 3 Martial King;
Physique: ???;

Allies: Unknown women;
Affiliation/s: Joyous Sect;

Zhen Kaidi

She is from the Ancient Treasure Race, which remained undefeated in their ability to search for treasures through the eons. They were always sought out by the strong cultivators to be their partners. The Treasure Race has less than average strength but their speed was exceptionally fast.

Normally she looks like a pure girl of 14-15 years old, and it is hard to find any flaws in her beauty. With a pair of snow white cat ears and three long cat-tails that matched the color of her long snow-white hair. Her golden cat-like eye leaves a contrast to her snow white skin and hair color. summons any men’s desire to protect her.

She can transform into a golden cat and also in another state, which she seems to find hard to control.

The sole survivor of the Treasure Race. Has Special Bloodline, has a strong sense of hatred towards the clan that destroyed her tribe. She seems to have a strong belief for that clan to exist even after eons.

Title/s: Kitty, Kaidi, Lazy Cat;
Species: Domestic Cat?;
Gender: Female;
Age: ???;
Status: Contracted Slave, Prospective Lover;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: ~Three Tails~ (Peak Third Big Layer);
Physique: ???;
Bloodline: ???;

Allies: Shen;
Affiliation/s: Treasure Race (Collapsed);
Note: Shen found her in the sealing stone, which he bought from the old man in the Phoenix Setting City.
Su Rou

The second daughter of the Su clan from the capital of Greencloud Continent. She met Shen three years ago on the capital and fell in love with him.

Fair skin, sharp eyebrows, large eyes, a small mouth which was as red as a cherry. Her elegant long hair, delicate face, snow-white skin, eyes that were not fearful in front of danger and were instead unyielding deeply.

Title(s)/Nickname: Little/Xiao Rou, Sister Su Rou, RouRou;
Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 18;
Status: Lover;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: Grade 5 Xiantian;

Allies: Yiye Jiange, Zhu Qing, Mingyue Gelou, Su Clan, Shen;
Affiliation/s: Su Clan, Skysword sect.
Note: She is the third woman to sleep with Shen.
Luan Luan

Niece of Yiye Jiange, Shen found her in a cave while searching for the Big Dipper Sword. She has big, crystal-clear eyes. Looks very similar to her aunt, Yiye Jiange. She is cheerful and innocent by nature. Even without her parents, she is neither sad nor fearful.

She is known to have a keen sense of smell. Due to Shen having the scent of Yiye Jiange, which was similar to her father, she immediately called him father. Later she called Yiye Jiange her mother.

Title(s)/Nickname: Xiao Luan, Luan Luan;
Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 5;
Status: Daughter?;

Demonic Beast(s): White-Feathered Falcon, ???, ???; [she has another two beasts but the species isn’t mentioned yet.]
Cultivation: None~;

Allies: Shen, Mingyue Gelou;
Affiliation/s: None;
Zhu Qing

All her features exuded a graceful charm: a small face, well-embodied and enchanting figure, great chest, plump bosom, slender waist, a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes perked up, and even her reserved speech and manner.

She was not very tall and could even be considered dainty, but she had a perfectly proportioned figure that made her seem slender and delicate.

She is the third elder of the Skysword Sect. At first, she had physical relationships with multiple women from her peak, but after her first time with Shen, she promised to never do it with women.

Title(s)/Nickname: Elder Qing, Third Elder, Third Sister, Master Zhu Qing, Peak Master;
Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 35+;
Status: Lover;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: Grade 5 Xiantian;

Allies: Baili Jingwei, Yiye Jiange, Gongsun Sanqian, Shen;
Affiliation/s: Skysword sect.
Note: She is the fourth woman to sleep with Shen.
Zhu Lin

She sealed herself inside the Heavenly Emperor Palace in order to protect the lust race for 2,000 years, but the lust race forgot about her existence after 10,000 when they went extinct.

She has poised and graceful temperament, with her refined figure and round-shaped buttocks and bosom caused her to be the desire of uncountable men through the time immemorial.

Arrogant and hasty as she forces her way to anything she deemed as right. But not overly conceited as she reflects on her wrongdoing. After leaving the secret realm she left Shen with the hope of finding anyone who holds the bloodline of her family.

Title(s)/Nickname: Protector of the Heaven Emperor Palace (HEP);
Species: ???;
Gender: Female;
Age: 60+ (before sealing, even now she looks in her prime age, late twenties), Unknown after she woke up from her sealing state. {Don't let her learn that you know this, or else I, I... *mutters while shivers*};
Status: Protector (just in name) {blah, at least for now :P};

Demonic Beast(s): Unknown???;
Cultivation: Unknown???;

Allies: ...none?;
Affiliation/s: Heavenly Emperor Palace; Heaven Bamboo Clan (Currently a history);
Note: She created a situation where Shen would kiss the girl from Lust Race whether he likes it or not.
Xing Yu

She is the sole survivor of the Lust Race. Although she was from a different race, she was almost similar to humans with exceptional beauty. If there was any difference between her and normal humans that would be her slightly pointed ears and a pair of black-feathered wings, which usually remained hidden. She wore a simple indigo dress, it covered her full body and a small indigo gem was placed on her chest area.

After waking up from the Immortal Sealing Coffin, she left the palace as soon as possible.

Species: Lust?;
Gender: Female;
Age: ???;
Status: - ~ -, {Bored: I wanna take her in!};

Demonic Beast(s): none?;
Cultivation: ~5th Big Layer~; {Untouchable for the current Shen}

Affiliation/s: Lust Race (collapsed/destroyed);
Note: According to Zhu Lin’s suggestion she gave something to Shen with her last kiss.
Yan QingQing

She is the first daughter of Qing Yi and Yan Zhongyue. Due to family reasons, she was separated from her mother and spent her childhood in Yan Jiang Country.

She was kicked out from the clan because she opposed the marriage to a people from Xiao Clan. She didn’t leave Yan City because she’s waiting for her mother to come for her. Later when Shen gave her a chance to return to her family but instead she showed her desire to go back with her own strength.

Her face, which is 70% similar to her own mother, seems a little young and is very much like Qing Shui. In the corner of her eyes, there was a bean-sized red mark. She has the tall and slender figure seemed thin and frail. While she was thin, she was not bony and her figure was well-developed.

Title(s)/Nickname: Young Miss of the Yan Clan, Young Miss, Miss Yan;
Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 16;
Status: Disciple?;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: None~;

Allies: Shen, Mingyue Gelou;
Affiliation/s: Yan Clan;
Qing Yi

Her beautiful face alongside her gentle and graceful demeanor gave off a sense of beauty that could only be described as sinking fishes falling birds. (A Chinese language used to describe great beauty. for example, a woman so breathtaking that she can see her beauty, her eyes and birds would fall from the sky.)

Gentle, motherly and protective of those she loves. But when she sees someone in need, she shows compassion and for those who humiliated her, she feels angry and sad because she is weak and has no power to change the situation. (Credit: Wikia/Fandom)

After Yan clan took her husband and daughter from her, she was devastated and heartbroken, lost the will to live her life. But then she learned that she was pregnant with another child, which also gave her hope to live once again.

Species: Human;
Gender: Female;
Age: 35+;
Status: Acquaintance, Ally;

Demonic Beast(s): None;
Cultivation: Peak Houtian;

Allies: Yu Ruyan;
Affiliation/s: Qing Clan;
Qing Shui

Brother of Yan QingQing and Son of Qing Yi. He is a charming and talented young man. Also a reincarnator similar to Tian Shen.

Color of Eyes: Black
Color of Hairs: Black
Cultivation: 1st Grade Xiantian.

Absolute Upgrade

Absolute Upgrade: Can upgrade any non-living to +10

Absolute Upgrade is the main cheat of Shen.

The Absolute Upgrade exists in the form of golden rune with a bronze hue which gives off a strong ancient feeling. Most of the techniques Shen practiced comes from Absolute Upgrade, including Absolute Strengthening Technique and others.

Requirements for upgrade:

1. The inherent property of the item must be good enough to hold the power of the upgrade.
2. If the item is not inherently strong, the user must have enough insight about the item.

[Note: These requirements were found by Shen after his different tests. They can be right or wrong.]

Immortal Jade Pendant

Commonly known as Yin-Yang Pendant.

According to Absolute Upgrade, the pendant is called Immortal Jade Pendant. It contains the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, which upgraded and changed to Absolute Jade Immortal Realm.

[Note: The two cheat listed below comes from Immortal Jade Pendant.]

Absolute Jade Immortal Realm

This realm came from the Immortal Jade Pendant/Yin-Yang Pendant. This realm came from the Immortal Jade Pendant/Yin-Yang Pendant.

First Layer:

  • Time Flow 1:200; Active time 1 hour

  • Area 0.5 Square Kilometers

  • Energy Enhancing Fruit - 10 fruits every 500 Years

  • Absolute Chaos Tree - bears a chaos fruit every 1000 years, they give the Absolute Qi user some random benefits.

Second Layer:

  • Time Flow 1:300

  • Energy Circulation Tree - Bears 10 fruits every 500 years. Enhances the ability to circulate energy within the body. Increases normal cultivation speed. One person can take one fruit at most. The sovereign can eat up to three fruits.]

  • Absolute Taming Card - one-time use, can tame anything under or above the heaven.

Third Layer:

  • Defense Enhancing Fruit Tree - Bears 10 fruits every 500 years. Enhances defense of the body according to the consumer’s current level of strength and defense. One fruit per every big realm, the sovereign can consume 2 fruits for every big realm.

  • 10,000 Year Old Violet Medicinal Turtle: Can extract a suitable amount of blood for the purpose of alchemy, thereby replacing the ingredient required from any normal demonic beast.

  • Drunken Fragrance Tree: Ripens every ten years, each batch producing 100 Drunken Fragrance Fruits. Can be used for cooking, creating of condiments…the taste can be considered unparalleled. One fruit was sufficient per use!

  • Immortal Drunken Fragrance Tree: Ripens every 1000 years, each batch producing 10 Immortal Drunken Fragrance Fruits. Can be used for various purpose. Can be used for alchemy, cooking, creating of condiments and wines. Consuming without insufficient will power or cultivation can cause an effect similar to aphrodisiac and the body to explode.

  • Heavenly Genesis Cauldron: From the creation of the universe, there was only one cauldron that could hold the power of Primordial Genesis Flame.

Effects: Pill success rate +30%, While cultivating pills chance of additional effects +20%, the chance of producing double amount +10%, energy absorption reduced by 10%, reduces the time for pill creation by 10%

Using Primordial Genesis Flame with the cauldron: All effectx2

Fourth Layer:

  • Time flow 1:500; Active time 2 hours.

  • Great Longevity Tree: ripens every five-hundred-years, bearing ten fruits each time, and each fruit could increase one’s lifespan by 200 years. One could only consume a maximum of two fruits. Consuming more has no use, and can be used for medicinal cultivation!]

  • 5000-year-old Calm: can be tapped for its blood to make pellets. It could be used to replace a common and uncommon beast to cultivate medicines.

  • Black Bird: the black phoenix inherited a drop of phoenix bloodline from the first generation of the Chaos Phoenix.

  • Three perillas, 100 leaves can be harvested from each every 10 years! It tasted very refreshing and could be used for sauce, seasonings, broth, and such!

  • Three Thyme, 100 leaves can be harvested from each every 10 years! It tasted very refreshing and could be used for sauce, seasonings, broth and such!

  • Absolute Jade Mortal Realm, Unlocked!

Absolute Jade Mortal Realm

Unlocked on the Fourth Layer of the Absolute Jade Immortal Realm.

First Layer:

  • Only those who are given the rights of entry can enter the Mortal Realm. On the first layer, the entry is limited to 15 people.

  • One must be within 20 meters radius of the Sovereign to enter the Mortal Realm.

  • During the entry, any foreign soul or tracking method will be rendered useless.

Cultivation & Technique Levels
Cultivation Levels



Beast Realm




Martial Student


Houtian Realm


Martial Warrior

Wild Beast


Martial General

Ferocious Beast


Martial Commander

Desolate Beast



Demonic Beast

500 Years


Martial King


Martial Saint

1,000 Years

Ability to Fly


Martial Emperor

2,000 Years

Limb Regeneration


False God

Immortal Demon

5,000 Years




Immortal Cave

10 levels with 1 special skill for each level


Spirit Ascension


Information about the Ancient Grades will be revealed as the story progresses.

Martial Technique Grade



Hou Tian





Xian Tian



Mastery Levels

Mastery Levels:

Truth: The benefit of the Truth realm lay in the increase of one's damage.

Obscure: The Obscure Realm's ability to hide one's aura and power would also increase one's damage.

One with Heaven: One with Heaven corresponded with the theory of striking one's moves by integrating into the enormous energy. This meant that it had the effect of developing one point of energy into 2.


Each Level is further segregated into:

Elementary Stage
Intermediate Stage
Expert Stage
Great Perfection Stage

Note: It was mentioned in the story that the techniques that come from Absolute Upgrade/Strengthening Technique don't have stages but only layers.

Table of Contents 135
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 9: first tamed beast | feng...

    Sorry to point this out, but I don't get the feeling, that I am reading a novel or a story. Here are only shortened fictional facts listed. I never get the feeling, that I am inside a tale or that I stand beside the MC fighting for his life/love/whatever. It is more like I am reading a newspaper: Beast killed, check! Beauty saved, check! Herbs planted, check! Harem built,... still to do. In one chapter I read, that MC gained his skill technique whatever. The next chapter starts with 9 years later he mastered everything that was to master and now he's op. wtf? If you don't want to write boring chapters about the MC growing up than don't start as a kid. I vote 2 * because there was a lot of work writing this story to the current point. But, dear autor, if you don't improve your descriptions and make a story out of this documentary, than you will lose your fun writing and it will become too boring to keep reading.

    Read More

    18 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 29

    It's a good start but the story has it's problems. 

    The two biggest ones are missing description, non of the character have a description, which is a problem even small description would be nice (like haircolor, height (i.e. Big, small, petite etc.) hairstyle, clothing color or similar)

    The second big thing is the missing tension. There is no overarching story that is why sheepmeup said it feels like a documentary everything just happens, there is no tension or pressure on the MC. Simply said there is no goal, such stories always fall flat after a short while.

    Edit: The author is currently adressing everything I found lacking and the story gets better every chapter.

    Because of that I upgraded my rating to 5 Stars 

    Read More

    8 Likes · Like
    Status: c10

    This story feels empty. One of the most interesting stuff in Ast is how MC conquered the beauties, after numerous hardship and smoothtalking he finally succeded in taking the beauties heart and body, so the adult scenes become very satisfying. But in your story it feels empty and bland, the last chapter I read MC still doesnt know about yu he, but the nest chapter she is alread become his bitch... its also the same for his step mother.. sigh.. it doesnt feels good.. 

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c134

    I've liked it so far. MC is less hypocritical than Qing Shui was in the AST. It seems the MC's primary focus so far has been sleeping with girls, and I get that was his motivation at first, but I wish he would also focus on fighting and training a bit more too. Learning new fighting techniques and exploring more would be nice. One thing I liked about Qing Shui was that he was truly a jack of all trades and mastered everything, and I was kinda hoping this MC kinda did the same. He has the cooking part down, but there was so much more for him the explore. But I do enjoy this series and hope that it continues. 

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 37

    It’s a really nice fanfiction I for my part really like it and I am eagerly looking forward how the story will progress I am rather happy about it so far and happily so far her wasn’t any ntr thanks for the hard work author

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 130: a caring dad

    Nice & Comfy 

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
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