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Champion of the Goddess
Champion of the Goddess
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“I’m so bored. Why is the world so boring?” said a childish female voice.
“It’s only boring to you. I actually find the world to be very interesting.” replied a cold voice.
“Yes, well, not all of us can take enjoyment from wars like you do.” whined the first voice.
“I thought you’d like the chaos of war.” questioned the cold voice.
“Sure, I like that. But it can only do so much for me.” the first voice grumbled.
“Why don’t you try getting a Champion?” the second voice asked.
“That’s… that’s a good idea. Maybe I should. At least messing with a Champion would be more entertaining than simply looking at wars.”
And that was how Michael Hahn found himself in a fantasy world as the Champion of a bored Goddess.

Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Goddesses Gods Level System Male Protagonist
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