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Husband of the Goblin Tribe
Husband of the Goblin Tribe
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Character Compendium

#000 | Ark - (Goblin name: Husband) 

Our main character and resident husband to the all-female goblin tribe.  Is a second circle magician, only son born to a certain eighth-circle tower mage.  Was reincarnated and later left his home intending to be an adventurer, only to be captured and used as the shared husband of the Bloodmaw Goblin Tribe.

#001 | Prima (Goblin name: Guardian) 

The current leader and strongest goblin among the all-female Bloodmaw goblin tribe who reside in Goblin-home under the watchful eye of the Great Protector.  Was the first goblin to take Husband's big seed.  Capable hunter.  Favored weapon is a spear.

#002 | Jewel (Goblin name: Stone-seeker)

Among the oldest of the goblins who share Ark as a husband.  A lover and collector of shiny things, especially shiny stones.  A bit lazy, but motivated heavily by greed and entertainment.  Favored weapon is the bow and arrow.

#003 | Lily (Goblin name: Runt)

The youngest, smallest, and weakest member of the goblin tribe.  Usually bullied into doing the odd jobs needed doing that none of the stronger goblins want to do.  Likes to collect pointy things.  Favored weapon is a small balanced knife which can be thrown.  Only capable of hunting small game like Rabbits and Squirrels.  


#004 | Berry (Goblin name: Ugly Scar)

Among the middle of the tribe in age, and the second weakest member of the goblin tribe.  Knowledgeable in usage of poisons and has a penchant for keeping herself clean.  She likes to put up a front for being strong, but knows very well her limitations.  Favored weapon is a machete and poisonous mixtures.  Great at foraging berries but can hunt Rabbits and Squirrels easily enough, sometimes slightly bigger game if the opportunity presents itself.

#005 | Truffle (Goblin name: Mushroom-picker)

Among the middle of the tribe in age, and devout mushroom cultivator.  Has an almost supernatural sense for knowing what fungi are safe and which are noxious.  She doesn't even try to hide her disinterest in anything that isn't a mushroom, her lifelong companion Ivory, and lately, Husband.  May have a small addiction to color-spin-think powder.  Favored weapon is a mushroom.

#006 | Ivory (Goblin name: Bone-taker)

Among the middle of the tribe in age, and the resident bone-work artisan (or the closest thing to it!).  Loves collecting and sorting her huge collection of bones to shape into various things for the other goblins of the tribe to trade with her for.  Prior to Husband, her first sexual experience was with a very sturdy bone with a round tip a month earlier.  Has a lifelong codependency with Truffle, and enjoys the company of Husband when he visits.  May have a small addiction to fermented blue-water, which is only made by Berry in small batches.  Favored weapon on the occasion she needs to hunt, is a bone stiletto.

#007 | Pepper (Goblin name: Fish-catcher)

#008 | Vera (Goblin name: Stupid-one)

The second youngest goblin in the tribe, and often considered to be stupid due to a mental disability no one in the goblin tribe had the ability to diagnose.  While able to grasp complex concepts such as formulaic magic, her ability to perform physical tasks such as hunting or to speak in more than one word has caused her to be something of an outcast within the tribe.  Living with Husband has changed her world overnight, and has also allowed her to experience the joys of normality she had been denied for most of her life thus far.  Her older sister from the same goblin mother is Prima, who has also acted as her caretaker prior to Husband. 

#009 | Pear (Goblin name: Fruit-finder)

#010 | Doll (Goblin name: Tree-chopper)

#011 | Toy (Goblin name: Many-maker)

#012 | Crow (Goblin name: Sneaky-finger)

#013 | Beast-talker (Goblin Name: ???)

#013 | ??? (Human Name: Stella)

#0XX | ??? (Goblin Name: Old One)

#101 | Diana Artemis (Goblin Name: Huntress)


#102 | Orchid (Goblin Name: ???)


#103 | Lilac (Goblin Name: ???)


#104 | Button (Goblin Name: ???)


#105 | Glace (Goblin Name: Silent-Spirit)


Happy Goblindays!


Table of Contents 78
  1. Chapter Seventy-three – In which Ark is there to watch a Pear give birth to a Melon.2 hours ago
  2. Chapter Seventy-two – In which the daughters of the goblin tribe do a little training outside, then the adults do a little training in the bath after.4 hours ago
  3. Chapter Seventy-one – In which Ark is not the husband the goblin tribe deserved, just the husband they happened to have ended up getting.Dec 10, 2023
  4. Chapter Seventy – In which begins a prologue to Volume Two, but won’t actually be relevant for the first fifteen chapters or so.Dec 10, 2023
  5. Promotional Advertisement – Porter of the Kobold TribeOct 14, 2023
  6. Bonus Chapter [Vol.1] – In which Button bonds with Glace right off the bat, and embraces the Dao of the Mushroom.Oct 10, 2023
  7. Bonus Chapter [Vol.1] – In which Glace shows off to her papa, and meets her older sisters for the first time.Oct 9, 2023
  8. Bonus Chapter [Vol.1] – In which the readers are treated to a chapter from Glace’s point-of-view from right around chapter sixty-three.Oct 8, 2023
  9. Chapter Sixty-nine – In which Ark ends the first volume in the corniest way possible.Oct 5, 2023
  10. Chapter Sixty-eight – In which Ark learns that sometimes there is too much of a good thing, and someone eventually has to pay the price.Oct 5, 2023
  11. Chapter Sixty-seven – In which Ark receives confessions of love from both Prima and Vera, but in very different ways.Oct 4, 2023
  12. Chapter Sixty-six – In which Ark takes Glace on a small trip to Ivory’s and wholesome family stuff happens, then he sends Diana on a quest.Oct 4, 2023
  13. Chapter Sixty-five – In which Ark’s credit score with Prima tanks, and Diana comes to establish the pecking order with Glace.Oct 3, 2023
  14. Chapter Sixty-four – In which Ark understands quickly, that a smart goblin can also be a bratty goblin, but will still be loved by him all the same.Oct 3, 2023
  15. Chapter Sixty-three – In which Ark deals with a bit of mystery concerning the sudden arrival of his newest daughter.Oct 3, 2023
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      Status: Chapter Sixty-four – In which Ark...

      I'll be brutally honest: I came here for a weird smut story. Ya, I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that. Nonetheless, while the smut is pretty decent, I've become pretty invested in the MC and some of the members of the goblin tribe he's in, which is something I never would have suspected to happen. I highly recommend this book: the grammar is great, style flows well, pacing is satisfying, characters are pretty relatable and realistic (and actually act like goblins, and not midget elves'), and the story is shaping out to actually have a decent amount of depth. 

      Keep up the great writing tounokenja, I can see that this series has a LOT of potential. 

      Side note: the story has really hit its stride at around chapter 9-12 (I'm really liking what's going on with the protector), so I'd recommend at least read to there if your here for the story. 

      Update (9/19/2023) : *spoiler warning*

      Note: this comment is talking about a situation with one of the main love interests' sisters, who is on the spectrum; I think it expresses my feelings pertaining to the morality of the MC and why I enjoy reading about him so much.

      Here's my comment from chapter 22: "honestly, this was done in a pretty 'tasteful' way: it's clear the MC is essentially being forced to do this (in my opinion), but is putting up boundaries and actually trying to act like an actual human with morals; I'd assume many other works of fiction might simply have the MC impregnate the sister and then move on without actually trying to seriously help out either the baby or the mother.  Seriously, this is one of the reasons I'm liking this series so much; it makes the MC feel human, not just a character in some web novel smut story with gray morals." 

      Read More

      17 Likes · Like
      Status: Chapter Fifty-four

      This story is well worth your time if you like the premise. 

      The best aspect of this is, ironically, the humanity of the characters and the maturity with which it tackles nuanced moral issues.

      It is smut, but it is not shallow by any means.

      Read More

      12 Likes · Like
      Status: c65

      It was the first story I've read in months and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

      Read More

      7 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter sixty-nine – in which ark...

      Husband of the Goblin Tribe is an interesting look into how a captured human male may become an important member to a tribe of green females. 

      While many chapters have s*x written into them, the story is not bogged down by too much s*xual descriptions. The s*x is integral to how Ark becomes more important than a sperm bank and is part of his own character arc. 

      Each goblin that Ark interacts with is different in their own way. Besides physical features and s*xual preferences, the relations between Ark and each goblin with each other create a complex spider web beyond just a harem. Prima is the strongest goblin, but her own insecurities make her more prone to violence. Berry is a goblin with a very brutal body scar, but she is the most emotionally mature of the young goblins. Lily, Truffle, Ivory, Vera, Old One, Toy, Doll, Jewel, Pear, Pepper, and Crow are all a part of this family, and together they survive under the watchful protection of the Great Protector. 


      Chapter 42 is written well, but readers who have problems with rape may have a hard time reading it. The author shows how despicable rape is, and Ark is a monster who would do anything to live. While Ark is by no means the worst person in the world, rape is one of the most demeaning things a person can do to another.


      My rating system is: 1 is bad. 2 is meh. 3 is good. 4 is great. 5 is a masterpiece. 

      I do think this story is a good novel that integrates s*x well. I await volume 2 with some anticipation.

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like
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