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/ Series / Gacha against the heavens
Gacha against the heavens
Gacha against the heavens
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Cultivation Levels

Mortal Realm

  • Bone Formation

usually have 100Li strength

  • Qi gathering 


  • Foundation Establishment


  • Qi Condensation


  • Foundation Building


  • Core Formation


  • Golden Core


  • Fetal Soul


  • Nascent Soul


  • Soul Transformation


  • Spirit Severing


  • Dao Seeking


  • Immortal Ascension


Immortal Realm

Li strength usually is not important in the following realms, as their means of fighting is usually about their martial prowess, learned magical techniques, life saving measures etc...

  • Immortal
  • True Immortal
  • King Immortal
  • Emperor Immortal
  • Primal Immortal
  • Ancestor Immortal
  • Arhat Immortal
  • Prajna Immortal
  • Dao Immortal
  • Dao Ascension

Dao Realm

-- don't fucking know yet

Gacha System

this bad boy gives missions to our boy Jay, where if he completes said mission he'll get a draw ticket. he can use said ticket to draw an item in the Gacha pool.

said item is not BS (author puts op item for Jay.) kind of thing, I literally created a Gacha code with items in it to determine what he'll get, if he gets trash loots he'll get trash loots.

Gacha Strengthening

there are multiple cultivation ranks in this novel

every 100 levels of the main character is equal to 1 cultivation rank.

Our Boy Jay cannot cultivate. thus, this is the way on which he will get stronger.

level 100 = bone formation, level 200 = Qi gathering etc.

Don't mistake the levels is his "perceived" strength, as it only 'shows' his cultivation level at his enemies 

for example.

our boy Jay is level 150. people will see him as a Mid stage Bone formation cultivator. while at level 295, he'll be seen as a half-step to foundation establishment

Strength: Per point in Strength will increase Jay's strength by 1kg. so if Jay's strength is 50 he'll punch will have a weight of  50kg or 100Li of force

Dexterity: the higher the number the faster and nimbler Jay will be(no accurate information.)

Constitution: the higher the number the tougher Jay's body become, per point in constitution Jay can withstand 1 Li of force, and 2 points in constitution increases Jay's life expectancy by 1 year.

Intelligence: the higher the number, the higher Jay's QI will be. it actually doesn't affect Jay's intelligence.

Wisdom: No effect to jay( he thinks he's getting smarter but it doesn't give shit,) a useless stat.

Luck: this stat doesn't affect Jay's luck on gacha(he has a separate unknown permanent luck stat.) Instead, it affects his luck in the real world.

Jay can have 100000000000000 strength while he's level 400 if he's THAT lucky, which I don't know if he'll be that lucky. He'll become the definition of acting like a pig to eat the tiger kind of guy.

Forces Naming Sense

 Sect Names:

[Adjective] [Noun] Sect: Many sects use this format, where an adjective describes a characteristic or quality of the sect, followed by a noun. For example, Radiant Sword Sect, Azure Cloud Sect, or Profound Wisdom Sect.

[Elemental] [Noun] Sect: Sects might be associated with a particular element, such as Fire Dragon Sect, Water Lotus Sect, or Earth Mountain Sect.

[Animal/Beast] [Noun] Sect: Some sects are named after animals or mythical creatures, like Tiger Roar Sect, Phoenix Feather Sect, or Dragon Scale Sect.

[Philosophical Concept] Sect: Sects may take names inspired by philosophical ideas, such as Harmony Sect, Balance Sect, or Infinite Dao Sect.

[Geographical Feature] Sect: Sects might be named after their location or a significant geographical feature, like Misty Peak Sect, River Valley Sect, or Desert Wind Sect.

2. Clan Names:

[Family Name] Clan: In some xianxia novels, clans use their family names as the basis for their names, such as the Li Clan, Wang Clan, or Chen Clan.

3. Cult Organizations:

[Mysterious] [Organization]: Secretive or shadowy organizations may have enigmatic names like Shadow Hand, Crimson Blade, or Void Order.

4. Martial Arts Schools:

[Technique] School: Some martial arts schools emphasize their unique techniques, such as Thunder Fist School, Wind Blade School, or Lightning Step School.

5. Rogue or Bandit Groups:

[Fearful] [Group]: Rogue or bandit groups may have intimidating names like Bloodthirsty Bandits, Black Dagger Gang, or Viper's Den.

6. Royal or Imperial Forces:

[Dynasty] [Imperial Guard/Army]: In stories involving empires or kingdoms, you might come across names like Han Dynasty Imperial Guard or Zhou Empire Royal Army.

7. Demonic or Cultivated Beings:

[Mythical Creature] Clan/Tribe: Some non-human or supernatural beings have clan or tribe names, such as Dragon Clan, Fox Tribe, or Celestial Phoenix Clan.

Sect Tier

Top-tier Sects: These sects are the cream of the crops amongst first tier sects. they are the de-facto big daddy sects usually with no branch sects and extremely powerful forces.

First-tier Sects: These are the most powerful and prestigious sects. They often have long histories, vast resources, and numerous high-level cultivators.

Second-tier Sects: Second-tier sects are strong and influential but may not be on the same level as first-tier sects. They can be formidable rivals to first-tier sects and have their own unique strengths and characteristics.

Third-tier Sects: These sects are typically less powerful than first and second-tier sects but are still considered significant players in the cultivation world. They may have a regional or specialized focus.

Fourth-tier Sects: Fourth-tier sects are often smaller or less well-known than higher-ranked sects.

Fifth-tier Sects: are the lowest ranked sects, with their own ranking of 1 to 9. this sects are usually the branch sects of the ranked sects. when a fifth-tier sects becomes a fourth-tier sect or higher they usually becomes independent from their parent sect.

True Name

True Name is required for a karmic cultivator to control the karma of others.

Hiding the true name and using aliases is not a thing in this world, making those kinds of cultivator powerful in their own rights.

Jay's true name is Jay. but his parents named him Wu Lin unknowingly, easily hiding his true name.


Seniority can be separated into two things

  1. Cultivation
  2. Age

Seniority by cultivation is most common, while Seniority by Age is secondary (mostly used by respectful cultivators or used by spouses to their inlaws.)


there are 12 categories of Discipleship.

Errand Disciple: Errand Disciple or Errand boys/girls are typically lower ranked members of the sect, responsible on carrying task and chores within the sect. such as cooking, fetching water, cleaning, washing clothes etc.

Outer Disciple: Outer disciples are typically new or junior members of a martial arts sect or school. They often perform menial tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and running errands similar to errand disciples but they can and allowed to cultivate and try to enter a tournament to become an inner disciple. As outer disciples have limited access to the sect's resources and teachings compared to an Errand Disciples.

Inner Disciple: Inner disciples have demonstrated their commitment and potential to the sect or school and are granted access to more advanced teachings and resources. They may start learning martial arts techniques and cultivation methods.

Core Disciple: Core disciples are among the most promising and dedicated students. They receive specialized training and mentoring from senior members and masters of the sect. Core disciples often have the potential to become future leaders or experts.

Elite Disciple: Elite disciples are a select few among the core disciples who show exceptional talent and potential. They may receive additional privileges and opportunities for advanced training and guidance.

Direct Disciple: Direct disciples are personally chosen by a sect's master or a renowned master to receive exclusive training and mentoring. This is a high honor, and direct disciples are expected to carry on the master's legacy.

Successor Disciple: A successor disciple is the chosen heir to a master's techniques, knowledge, and leadership position within a sect or school. They are groomed to take over the responsibilities of their master.

Special Disciple: Some disciples may have unique roles within a sect, such as being responsible for rare herbs, mystical artifacts, or sect administration. These special disciples have duties beyond typical cultivation and training.

Guest Disciple: Guest disciples are individuals from outside the sect or school who are allowed to temporarily study and train within the sect. They often have to prove themselves before being accepted as regular disciples.

Rogue Disciple: Rogue disciples are those who break away from their sect or school for various reasons, often pursuing their own paths or goals. They may be considered renegades by their former sect.

Wandering Disciple: Wandering disciples are individuals who have left their sect or school but have not necessarily become rogue disciples. They may travel the world, seeking knowledge and experience from different sources.

Personal Disciple: Personal Disciples are often than not, a personal student by an elder from a different sect. these disciples comes from vary background but have the talent to attract the attention of the elder.

Jay/Wu Lin

our boy Jay is the protagonist in this novel.

Controlled Puppets:

Zhong Jun - Growth Puppet

Name: Wu Lin (Jay)
Level: 5
HP: 50
Qi: 10
Lifespan: 5(years)

Total Attributes: 12
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 0
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 0
Luck: 0
Abilities and Skills: Cooking Lv1, 
Domineering Finger Strike Lv1, Sword Formation Lv3, Mountain Splitter Strike Lv1.

Fairy Xue Yan

the master of Jay, she met Jay when she was having a mock fight with her friend Lin Ran. Jay groveled at her feet asking her to be his master. which she accepted (she made him, her errand disciple.)

She's a Half-step to spirit severing expert.

she's smoking hot.

800 years old genius

an Ethereal Beauty, her skin as smooth as jade and white as snow, her hands delicate and beautiful, her vibrant hair reminiscent of a setting sun, with texture as smooth as expensive silk. with every move that she made, her dress cascades in a flurry of natural motion, flowing seamlessly around her body, and a sash of transparent spiritual linen that surrounds her accentuates her enchanting presence.

Fairy Lin Ran

a sworn little sister of Fairy Xue Yan, she's a early stage soul transformation cultivator.

600 year old genius

another beauty slightly inferior by a small margin compared to Xue Yan.

Jing Wei

a young master Jay met who cut in line.

Old man Hui / Elder Hui

the elder of Craftsmen hall, the person responsible for overseeing other craftsmen disciples and construction. for the Profound Sword Sect.


Origin World of the MC (Battle Star World), is a lower world where you need to ascend to the upper realm to be come an immortal. 

there are virtually millions of lower realms each having their unique world structure.

The upper world is the central realm of the story, It is the center of all realms and virtually infinite as it expands as time passes

Eastern Continent

the origin Continent of Jay's bizarre adventure, contains many sects that have fourth to third-tier and countless fifth-tier sects.

Profound Sword Sect

A fifth-tier rank 3 sect that Jay joined. another branch sect of heart sword sect.

Misty Cloud Village

origin Village of our boy Jay

Heart Sword School

a tier 5 rank 1 sect, a branch sect of Heart Sword Sect which is a tier 3 sect.

Item Rankings

There are few ranks of items in the novels, there are.

Mortal - weapons usually used by bone formation to golden core golden core.

Earth - weapons commonly used by fetal soul to spirit severing.

Heavenly - weapons commonly used by Dao seeking to Immortals.

Immortal - weapons used by true immortals to primal immortals.

Divine - weapons used by Ancestor to Dao Ascension.

Artefact - are not weapons, they are usually magical Items that can have a weak power or overpowered power.

Spiritual Treasures - encompasses most item ranks, they can be both weapons and not weapons.

and is separated into three categories

Low grade - the weakest but most common category of a weapon

Mid grade -  rare category

High grade - extremely rare category

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