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/ Series / The Sun of the Desert
The Sun of the Desert
The Sun of the Desert
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Welcome to The Sun of the Desert, the last stop before entering the depth of the Nasir Desert. You can find anything you need, food, alcohol, a lover of the night. In need of some mercenaries, info or custom weapon? Look no further!

Meet Al Suha. She is the boss, she’s short-tempered and loves alcohol and money. May the goddess take pity on the soul who will call her Al Suha instead of Sun. They may find themselves in the Underworld together with the one who called her flat-chested. May their souls rest in peace!
Sun believes in the rising moon and falling sun. She believes in the ever-changing desert. She believes in the gold in her pocket and the hand in her hair at night.
She will help you as long as you have enough money… or if you fit her taste.

AdultAdventureEcchiFantasyGirls LoveHaremJoseiMatureSmut
Adventurers Androgynous Characters Arms Dealers Artifact Crafting Blacksmith Jack of All Trades Mercenaries Pirates Sex Friends
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