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/ Series / Corrupted soul
Corrupted soul
Corrupted soul
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In a world of swords and magic humanity fight against monsters for survival.

Monsters are incredibly powerful with their own unique abilities and attributes which make them even more deadly they feed on humans to increase their own power.

While on the side of humanity humans use magic to fight against the monsters.

For those who can’t use magic they use magic swords a type of sword which has their own unique abilities, humanity becomes corrupted lost in their own power thinking only those with power gets to be at the top, while the weak are to be eaten.

Kenta Logan was a small boy who was living happily with his parents up until he was 11 years of age.

However, the nobles of the Kingdom of Barat gave them a death sentence for being unable to pay they’re tax, upon seeing both his parents brutally murdered right before his eyes, the powerless Kenta vowed to get revenge on his parent's lives.

Thinking that the world is filled with selfish people who only cared for themselves this world has too much injustice doesn’t it?

Shouldn’t he change the unreasonableness of the world?

Perhaps the world would be better off if he changes it into the ideal world, a world where there are no selfishness and unfairness.

As for those who oppose his way of thinking regardless of whether their monsters or humans or even the gods themselves, the only fate that awaited them is death.

However, little did he knew that there were more in-store for his unforeseen future as his destiny was greatly tied to the "God of deah" A powerful exsistance whose fate had ended thousands of years ago....

Join Kenta Logan on his journey to conquer this mysterious world and bring forth change.

Author’s Note: I hope you all enjoy this series and continue to follow the journey of conquest alongside Kenta.

(A/N: If you notice any errors, or broken contexts please let me know. I'll go back and make the necessary corrections.)

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