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/ Series / Rebirth of the mighty overlord
Rebirth of the mighty overlord
Rebirth of the mighty overlord
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In the year 2030 a world where magic reigns supreme, Ellard a being formally known as the “Mighty Overlord” who was humanity’s strongest.

Had conquered many battlefields during his youth making his names known far and wide.

However, during his last battle he was caught up in a plot made by the goddess of death who feared his existence due to his constant support to the goddess of vitality and was sent to his death for eternal sleep.

However, the goddess of vitality was able to get to his soul while he was crossing the path between life and death, she granted him a second chance of life...

Now one thousand years later he was reborn inside the body of a nine-year-old boy who had suffered a great misfortune after his father was assassinated and his mother had lost most of her noble influence, which resulted in their family suffering ridicule.


(A/N: If you notice any errors or broken contexts while reading, please let me know. I'll go back and make the necessary corrections.)

Adventurers Age Progression Awkward Protagonist Blood Manipulation Charming Protagonist Fearless Protagonist God-human Relationship Godly Powers Loyal Subordinates
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Table of Contents
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