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Cultivation Done Right
Cultivation Done Right
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4.7 (114 ratings)
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After his universe is accidentally destroyed, a young man gets sent to a parallel universe that seems awfully familiar to those of the cultivation novels he used to read. Faced with the possibility of omnipotence, his inner megalomaniac is awakened, and he decides to use his vast knowledge of cultivation novels to scheme and cheat his way to the top.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHaremIsekaiMartial ArtsMatureRomance
Bloodlines Cultivation Manipulative Characters Scheming Strong Love Interests
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      Status: c5
      Feb 28, 2019

      First time in two years I've cursed out loud after catching up to something I started reading. First thoughts and words out of my mouth when I hit the end of Chapter 5, "f**k you, no. That can't be all that's out right now. F**k you.", while I was desperately checking the table of contents. So, dear author, f**k you very much.

      The grammar is deliciously good, the story plays on tropes to entice you to take a bite, and the writing is done rather well. I won't give a proper review until there are more chapters out (I usually try to wait until there are at least 15 chapters before giving a proper review) so for now, I'll just say, I'm hooked and waiting to see if this fishing line is strong enough to keep me captive.

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      Status: c24
      May 7, 2020

      This is my first time writing a review so forgive this poor lad if anything I say triggers you. 

      Now then this novel is unique in the sense it turns normal wuxia novels on top of their heads but still has similarities with two novels that are "Warlock of the Magus World" and "Emperor's Domination". The similarities of which I can't say without spoiling most of this. I can say this though that in this novel 'arrogant young masters' are not what they seem like and act like actual humans with ambitions and dreams and 'first girl MC meets' don't worship him in a matter of seconds but are more intricate and complex. Plus the MC can make schemes like they're tic tacs and would put both Lex Luthor and Joker to absolute shame.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter twenty-three – thwart
      Sep 23, 2019

      This is an excellently written novel with few flaws so far. The grammer is excelent, with the author quickly fixing any few mistakes which are found and posted in the comments. The story starts in media res, which the author uses to keep the readers engaged by slowly slipping them information, often just hints, of Rey's past, background, and the state of the world at large. The epigraphs also greatly expand the world, relating the events in the chapter to the world at large. 

      The story focuses on character interaction, world building, and plotting rather than cultivating and fighting; the latter are just a backdrop for the plot. Furthermore, we are shown that Rey is flawed; although he is skilled and capable, he isn't perfect and does occasionally make mistakes. So far though, they haven't impacted his plans much. I'm unsure of the author's plans for the novel, but I would like to see Rey run into some trouble and be put on the back foot. That would help us see more of his character as well as provide an opportunity for growth. 

      The result of the author's writing style, however, is that the story's pace is not very fast. Not much action happens in each chapter, though they certainly are not full of filler. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but will certainly turn off some readers. What I would like to see is the build up of suspense as events approach a boiling point in the arc. I think the author could improve the story somewhat in this aspect. However, this is a minor critique, though I think it can help the story move from "good" to "great". 

      I certainly recommend this novel, it is definitely worth the reader's time.

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      Status: chapter twenty-one – sowing discord
      Aug 16, 2019

      This quickly become one of my favorite stories. Most of the chapters was smooth as silk, no, smoth as Michael Jackson's dancing moves and just smart enough to keep engaging and then SUDDENLY we have multy-layered political play of dozen characters.

      Despite pretty generic Wuxia setting (at least it looks like that for now) this story never forced me "read through pain to reach good stuff" like many self-contradicting chinese and pseudo-chinese novels do. I hope next hundred chapters going to be of similar quality. 

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      Status: chapter nineteen – preparation
      Jul 21, 2019

      This will be my first review but this is worth reviewing. Having only started reading it last night, I ended up finishing it before the morning. It is a very promising series, one of which I haven’t found in a while.

      With a protagonist making plots within plots yet somehow not being portrayed in too much of an untrustworthy light, the novel will provide a thrilling read which certainly kept me tense at all times. I highly recommend reading it.

      Although there are occasionally some misspelt words or incorrect wording, I only noticed a couple of them up to now. Besides those few mistakes everything else is great.

      Any time spent reading this is time well spent and I am looking forward to any future chapters.

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      Status: chapter sixteen – allies
      Jun 23, 2019

      Great novel sadly lacking in enough chapters to binge for weeks. Could only binge for a day and already caught up

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      Status: Chapter Seven – Unseen Shifts
      Feb 8, 2019

      A very good novel.

      The author writes very well and plans very well, there are many clues of what will happen in the next chapters in the previous chapters and only after the fact happens you notice the clues.

      The story takes place in a world of cultivation and the main character takes our 'common sense' into this world.

      MC is a born planner and born swindler, there are some things that have not yet been explained and I really want to know how they will be explained.

      The novel is going a little slow, but it's still the beginning and the initial focus takes a little while to build, but it's promising.

      Edited 23/03/2019

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      Status: chapter one – hackeneyed beginnings
      Jan 30, 2019

      I know it’s just chapter 1. This doesn’t restrain me from adding a review, however. It’s cool, you should give it a try!

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      Status: chapter twenty-four – cursed
      Jan 11, 2020

      By far one of my favorite "schemes-based" stories. Everything about this story is about smart people trying to out-smart each other in "completely fair" ways. Nobody just has an "I win button", they all have cards they can play but they have to manage their resources and information intelligently or else everyone else would gang up on them and they'd fail in their broader goals.

      Speaking of, most of the key story figures (not just the MC) all have their own goals. These goals are feasible and would be what someone in that person's position would actually want based on their character. They're also all (all the non-pawns anyway) working towards their given goals while simultaneously keeping those goals obfuscated enough from everyone else.

      I very much like the MC. It's very cool how he bluffs his way through numerous situations and gains power because he's actually smart. He's got good reads on the other characters based off of his own observations, inferences and critical thinking. MC is a deconstructionist (a personal favorite of mine), in the sense that, he's familiar with the tropes of the world he's in and actually uses the weak points of the world's common sense to get himself ahead in plausible ways.

      Anyway, I could keep gushing but I'll just leave it with a strong recommendation and a wish to see more of this great story.

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      Status: c023
      Sep 5, 2019

      Yep.  This is the best cultivation story.

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