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/ Series / Legend of the Ancestral Dragon
Legend of the Ancestral Dragon
Legend of the Ancestral Dragon
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A young man from Earth named Ao Tian is transported to a primitive planet, where he becomes a young dragon. The long dragon life makes him incredibly lonely, and he eventually chooses to enter a deep slumber.

Five hundred million years later, Ao Tian awakens to find that this planet has been dominated by humans, and one continent is known as the Douluo Continent.

Spirit Hall, Clear Sky Sect, Bibi Dong, Tang San... Ao Tian's memories, sealed for millions of years, finally resurface, and he begins to find enjoyment in this new world.

"Little Nana, don't call me Old Ancestor, call me Brother Tian."

Gu Yuena blushes and says, "Alright, Brother Tian."

It is said that the most powerful dragon god, who had transformed into a dragon by stealing a sliver of dragon qi that leaked out from Ao Tian during his slumber, was killed in the divine realm.

Divine realm, God Kings... he couldn't care less; with one swipe of his claw, he'd turn them to smithereens!

This is a translation lmao.


ActionFanfictionHaremMartial Arts
Douluo Dalu
Calm Protagonist Hiding True Identity Male Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Time Skip
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Table of Contents
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