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/ Series / Rise of the Lost
Rise of the Lost
Rise of the Lost
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Caliban thought he was your typical young western male. Maybe a bit too heavy but nothing major, he smoked but not a lot. Work was merely to pay the bills and he had a bad habit of wasting his money on junk food, booze, women and entertainment. Until one night during a rare solar convergence he misses his bus and stumbles through a comedy of errors and co-incidence into a sight of worship of Earth's most ancient people who it's safe to say aren't happy to see him bumbling in on their land and messing up their ritual. This confluence of events gets Cal thrown into another world right during THEIR stellar alignment as a bunch of warlocks are attempting to summon unholy smiting onto all those who even slightly miffed them.

Cal is thrust utterly unprepared into the world of Æoin, trying to survive and figure out what's going on. As well as how to get home, if he even can. Ohh and who is that watery tart that he keeps dreaming about and why does she keep whispering homicidal thoughts to him?

LitRPG elements don’t start right away as the system doesn’t do announcements (yes I despise the ding) so the MC has to realise he has one on his own. Slow burn but when the character gets a power bump it’s impactful. no status spam, his status will heavily be a part of the narrative elements so no numbers that don’t mean anything or any pointless number go up nonsense.

The system and the universe is heavily built upon what I as a reader love and hate about the cultivation, xanhua, system and portal/isekai genres.

5 Chapters per week - Monday through Thursday and Sundays Australian Eastern Time (So I can get all my writing done on my days off)

I appreciate questions, comments, ratings and theory crafting.

Thank you in advance for reading my story.

ActionAdultFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial Arts
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