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/ Series / I’m Tired of Being too Over-Powerful! So, I Will Try to Live a Carefree Life Instead
I’m Tired of Being too Over-Powerful! So, I Will Try to Live a Carefree Life Instead
I’m Tired of Being too Over-Powerful! So, I Will Try to Live a Carefree Life Instead
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Tokugawa Shinichi- The Beginning of All Lucks and End of all Lives- was too Powerful due to transmigrating worlds to worlds, earning a countless amount of [Status Points], causing his body, soul. spirit, and magic to be FAR too powerful.

Tian Yuanle, the Chinese Immortal Practitioner from the Third World that Shinichi went to.

What’s their relationship? One wanted to have the other’s body, heart, and soul while the other wanted to run away from the man while trying to live a comfortable life and doing business on the side.

Genres: Original, Mature, Gores and Blood, Killing, BL/Yaoi, Interdimensional Traveling, OP-MC, Game-Elements, Triggered-Action- Torture, and Sadism

Warning: A lot of grammars and errors. Please do be nice. If you found any errors or grammars, please let me know.

AdventureBoys LoveFantasyIsekaiMaturePsychologicalRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Alternate World Interdimensional Travel World Hopping
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