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/ Series / The Flash Reborn: God of Velocity
The Flash Reborn: God of Velocity
The Flash Reborn: God of Velocity
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In this riveting tale, an ordinary man finds his life turned upside down when he makes an extraordinary deal with the Speed Force. The agreement? To step into the shoes of Barry Allen, the beloved speedster from the CW series.

Thrust into a world of super-speed, time travel, and dangerous villains, our protagonist must navigate the challenges of being The Flash, all while grappling with the reality of his new identity. He's no longer just an average man; he's a hero tasked with safeguarding Central City.

As he learns to harness his powers and tackle threats, he also grapples with the complexities of Barry's relationships and the weight of his past decisions. From battling metahumans to mending friendships, every day is a test of his fortitude and resilience.

But can an ordinary man truly fill the shoes of an extraordinary hero? Can he uphold the legacy of Barry Allen and keep Central City safe? This gripping narrative explores the journey of an everyday man, transformed by destiny, and his quest to honor a hero's legacy while carving his own path.

ActionFanfictionMartial Arts
CW The Flash
Superheroes Transmigration Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 18
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Table of Contents
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