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/ Series / Monster Girl Chronicles Book 1: KuliKuli the Nekomata
Monster Girl Chronicles Book 1: KuliKuli the Nekomata
Monster Girl Chronicles Book 1: KuliKuli the Nekomata
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In this Medieval World of Fantasy, full of smut, romance, and mystery, welcome to a tale of Magic and Monsters!

When a lonely farmer takes in an unconscious stray cat he discovered in the aftermath of a storm, he gets more than he bargained for when his new feline friend turns out to be a monster girl transformed into this innocent creature. Unable to remember anything at all before the incident, the Nekomata remains a mystery to all she encounters.

But will her past finally catch up to her? And when it does, will they be ready? Will love conquer all, or will it end in failure and broken hearts? The only way to know is to follow along on this magical journey of discovery!


A character-driven story follows two protagonists, male and female, on a growing journey that will challenge their mettle and love for each other. Expect the story to take its time building up to future events, starting as a slice of life before turning into a more serious tone.

This novel is not purely smut. It is a fantasy/adventure romance that contains smut.

It includes romance, relationships, character development, mystery, action, violence, adult topics and themes, magic, and monster girls. It's more than just smut if you take your time and follow through.

New chapters:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between 7pm and 9pm Pacific Time (PT).

Amnesia Beautiful Female Lead Caring Protagonist Character Growth Couple Growth Curious Protagonist Curses Early Romance Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist First Love Flashbacks Hard-Working Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kind Love Interests Magic Male Protagonist Medieval Monster Girls Mysterious Past Past Plays a Big Role Slow Romance Strong Love Interests
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