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/ Series / I’m A Great Villain So The Author Hates Me
I’m A Great Villain So The Author Hates Me
I’m A Great Villain So The Author Hates Me
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4.7 (7 ratings)
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Premise: Asani left a comment on a novel that he thought the villain should have won against the hero. It was due to bad writing and monologues that he lost. After getting hit by the legendary trucka-kun and being transmigrated into the novel as a minor villain with the same name, Asani's job is to be a better villain to defeat the heroes The problem is that the author of the novel hates him. He continually writes additional gifts for the heroes, sets pits for him, and does everything within his bounds as the god of the world to defeat him. Join Asani as he fights against his built-in character flaws, organizes the villains into a consistent state, and tries his best to defeat the author while being a successful villain.

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSchool LifeSupernatural
Academy Accelerated Growth Adventurers Alternate World Battle Academy Black Belly Clan Building Clever Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Evil Gods Evil Organizations Evil Protagonist Eye Powers Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Identity Orphans Weak to Strong
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    Status: chapter 20 – combat training (2)

    To be honest, I at first thought this was going to be one of those medieval settings.

    Sloppity slop.

    Now, actual criticism.

    Some cringe, which you'll see very early on. 

    Some cliche moments like the MC having his "sights widened", to stay spoiler free. 

    Most of the jokes are fairly mediocre. Not exactly bad, but they're quite safe, which gives them a same-y as many other similar novels.

    Most of the characters are fairly one-dimensional/cliche. I at least somewhat thought that the MC would be intelligent and have to scheme against the 9 other clans in secret, hidden plot style, but no, he doesn't hide his powers almost at all, he gets caught during the first day.

    The biggest problem at the moment is the evil protagonist tag. This honestly seems like it will be one of those fake villain stories, and it might not even have a proper ending because the author might get too scared to kill off characters. One of the biggest problems with fake villain stories is that the author always finds a way to make the MC only kill/injure other bad guys. It's always them trying to go after the MC and the MC never proactively going after anyone. In the end, all the enemies who get killed turn out to be bad guys or they think they misunderstood the MC and become his friends. Take, for example, the first tough enemy the MC fights, he's this novel's version of an arrogant young master. That is not a good guy, but a generic villain from a generic chinese novel.

    Overall, it's a slightly above average novel on scribblehub.

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