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/ Series / Virgin Woman Trapped in the Slutty Demon King’s Body {BL}
Virgin Woman Trapped in the Slutty Demon King’s Body {BL}
Virgin Woman Trapped in the Slutty Demon King’s Body {BL}
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What would you do if you woke up in a different world, in a different body, and in a different gender? Well, that is the question our protagonist finds herself asking when Lucy, an introverted virgin author, is transmigrated from the human world to a whole new world where demons exist. Not only that, she falls into the ravishingly beautiful and slutty body of the next Demon King! What is Luce, now Luche, to do as she tries to juggle the less than stellar reputation the body's predecessor left her, a loyal yet lust crazed guard dog, and the fact that her main responsibility for being the Demon King is to birth demon heirs for the powerful demon clan leaders--all of whom have varying opinions of their 'King'. Want to know the answer, than read to find out! (BL Warning.)

Boys LoveGender BenderHaremIsekaiJoseiMatureRomanceSmutSupernatural
Alternate World Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Awkward Protagonist Character Growth Clingy Lover Clumsy Love Interests Cold Love Interests Comedic Undertone Demons Dense Protagonist Doting Love Interests Female to Male First-time Intercourse Forced Living Arrangements Handsome Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Introverted Protagonist Love Interest Falls in Love First Mpreg Multiple POV Polygamy Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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