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/ Series / A Lord of Death
A Lord of Death
A Lord of Death
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Efrain Belacore, master of the undead, was just trying to enjoy a morning cup of tea. Then that over-excited Paladin just had to accidentally kill herself, at his doorstep no less. Now Efrain has been forced to replace the Paladin in her erstwhile party. Tired of heroes wrecking his home, he conceals his identity and attempts to re-brand himself as a new kind of master mage: a “Death-Lord”.

Join in a hilarious and touching tale of discovering one’s place in a harsh world, even in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Comedic Undertone Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Hiding True Identity Magic Religions Soul Power Souls Unique Weapons
  1. PostludeSep 14, 2020
  2. Part 60 (Epilogue)Sep 14, 2020
  3. Part 59Sep 14, 2020
  4. Part 58Sep 11, 2020
  5. Part 57Sep 7, 2020
  6. Part 56Sep 4, 2020
  7. Part 55Aug 31, 2020
  8. Part 54Aug 27, 2020
  9. Part 53Aug 24, 2020
  10. Part 52Aug 20, 2020
  11. Part 51Aug 17, 2020
  12. Part 50Aug 13, 2020
  13. Part 49Aug 10, 2020
  14. Part 48Aug 6, 2020
  15. Part 47Aug 3, 2020
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      Status: c22
      May 31, 2020

      A pleasant read. Everything a good story should have - a range of realistic characters, a well fleshed out plot, writing style and originality. I look forward to reading some more.

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