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/ Series / [Rebirth] The Unruly Heiress (Under Revision)
[Rebirth] The Unruly Heiress (Under Revision)
[Rebirth] The Unruly Heiress (Under Revision)
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On her last life, she was the devil. If not for her waywardness the people she cared about would not suffer. If not for her pride she could have lived a good life. After rebirth Sena vowed not to let herself fall into the trap again.

Wait, who said you must abuse enemies as soon as you made a come back?

She was born with a golden spoon, educated by an intelligent mother and loved by many. Better use it wonderfully this time.

Drugged and slept with a stranger?

Well, not Sena.

Evil best friend? She doesn't have one.

Although she doesn't have them, the people she loved does!

As a capable side character, this time it will be her turn to protect them. As for those who harmed them... hehe, a few occasional slaps is enough. Everything seems to be on track so how could she mess up?

She was about to fulfill her wish of a good life when a certain person popped up then suddenly the 'sleeping with the stranger' thing was dredged up.

Hey, that was done in a completely mutual agreement. No hard feelings.

Him: What if I wanted to pursue?

Sena: Fart, we've gone over this--- you, d-don't come close. We've talked about this. We've clean the slate!

Him: Did you hear me agree?

Sena: ( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ )

This novel is made purely for enjoinment (there will be plenty of loopholes and expect plenty of cliché) so please don't take it personally. Male lead is a healthy adult man, don't expect him to be as indifferent and pure as a monk because that's impossible given his background setting. Names of countries are deliberately changed and character names are chosen in random. Author's English is average but we will try to deliver a smooth narrative to lessen your headache. :)

Author is lazy...

For the owner of the artworks above:

If you are the owner of any of those masterpieces you can message me and I will take it down :)

JoseiMatureRomanceSlice of Life
Absent Parents Abusive Characters Affair Beautiful Female Lead Blind Dates Businessmen Carefree Protagonist Celebrities Charismatic Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Conspiracies Doting Love Interests First Love Friendship Handsome Male Lead Jealousy Love Interest Falls in Love First Manipulative Characters Playful Protagonist Revenge Scheming Second Chance Unconditional Love Villainess Noble Girls Wealthy Characters
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    Status: c84

    I like this story very much.

    Different to many other second chance novels with female MCs I have read, this one focuses more on friendship and romance (despite being a slow one). It's narration is on the lighter side with a lot of comedy and little brutality or murder. The MC is very caring and tries to prevent even small injustices of people with little relation to her. She is scheming but not overly vengeful, but just wants to live in peace with her loved ones. Her quick-wittedness results in a lot off funny dialogs. At other times she looks fragile and is crying, when meeting a dear person, she missed since her previous life. All these traits make her very human and three-dimensional.

    In general it is a heartwarming story with comedy and romance.

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