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/ Series / Kiri to Shinkirō | Mist and Mirage
Kiri to Shinkirō | Mist and Mirage
Kiri to Shinkirō | Mist and Mirage
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4.8 (12 ratings)
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Hikaru is secretly paying her brother's tuition, enduring conflicts with her new step parent, and there's a new sibling on the way. As if life isn't busy enough, her band is working toward publishing their first album, and then she meets him randomly on the street one day...

Fate is meeting at the right time. Love is cherishing every moment and continuing to grow together.

The first of my Animephile stories:
Warning: Some Explicit Content.
Names are in oriental order, last first.
Japanese suffixes used here and there.

MatureRomanceSlice of Life
Appearance Different from Actual Age Bands Family Business First Love Love at First Sight
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Mizuki’s Sky (Prequel)
Takumi no Eri (Prequel)
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