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/ Series / She Who Slays The Demons [Action LitRPG]
She Who Slays The Demons [Action LitRPG]
She Who Slays The Demons [Action LitRPG]
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Akira Akabane was not human; she was food. Her parents had raised her to be a sacrifice offered to a demon when she turns sixteen.

There is no way she would accept this reality. She is human, and humans aren't food. She will resist, struggle, and survive.

Upon seeing her resolve, an unknown being awarded her a [Demon Slayer] system. With this, she will wipe off the entirety of the demon race from the face of the earth.

Her journey will be exhilarating and adventurous. She will experience gains and losses, grow, and get stronger.

She will live as a human (not food).


A hybrid of historical and LitRPG elements, this story is set in medieval Japan. There will be many Japanese words and terms, which I will try my best to convey.

New chapters will come daily at 06:30 AM UTC.

I would love to read your comments and thoughts. Thank you for reading."

ActionAdventureFantasyHistoricalLitRPGMartial ArtsPsychologicalRomanceTragedy
Battle Competition Beautiful Female Lead Demon Lord Demonic Cultivation Technique Demons Female Protagonist Level System Magic Marriage Martial Spirits Strategic Battles Sword And Magic Sword Wielder System Administrator Wars
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