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/ Series / Hunt to feed Wife
Hunt to feed Wife
Hunt to feed Wife
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Based on true life events…

What made Elves seclusive?
What made dwarves greedy
What made Orcs forever single?
What made Satyr lusty?


A 15-year-old transmigrated into a princess in a strange world.
Unfortunately, the princess was undergoing a ritual for selection of her Groom by a HUNTING competition

Reporter: Do you hunt for leveling up?
Elf: NO
Reporter: For practicing the skills?
Orc: No
Reporter: For armor?
Satyr: No
Reporter: To protect the world from the demon race.
Giant: No
Reporter: Yes; Hunting as a sport, for
Pastime…I mean for Glory?
Dwarf: Nope
Reporter: Then Why?
Eva: Who is your wife? It is just a hunting + cooking competition….

Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Marriage Transmigration Transported into Another World
  1. The Secret…..Jan 29, 2019
  2. Marry the Giant!Jan 29, 2019
  3. GIANTJan 29, 2019
  4. ORCJan 29, 2019
  5. SatyrJan 29, 2019
  6. TrollJan 29, 2019
  7. DwarfJan 29, 2019
  8. An ElfJan 29, 2019
  9. Let the hunt begin…Jan 29, 2019
  10. A crying child gets milk..Jan 29, 2019
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