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/ Series / Reincarnated as an OP Loli
Reincarnated as an OP Loli
Reincarnated as an OP Loli
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3.4 (123 ratings)
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I was the 10’000’000th person to be hit by a truck so I won a prize - I could become anything I wanted!

So I chose to become an ower-powered Loli and just have some fun!

Discord Channel:

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGender BenderIsekaiLitRPG
Accelerated Growth Beautiful Female Lead Child Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cute Protagonist Elemental Magic Elves Episodic Female Protagonist Game Elements Game Ranking System Kidnappings Level System Loli Magic Male to Female Manipulative Characters Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Skill Creation Strong to Stronger
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      Status: 16: the adventurer’s guild 7: retreat
      Apr 2, 2020

      The premise is good, the start is decent, but it quickly goes downhill. There seems to be no planning, consistency, or consideration that anything should make any sense at all. The MC hopes to be seen as a hero but has no issues massacring a town of innocents just to skip places in a queue while everyone is distracted, and the concept of adventurer guild in this story is an abomination and couldn't possibly function even at 1% realism, which was the last straw for me so I'm out. It's not even comedy, it's just nonsense and chaos with no thought behind it.

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      Status: 27: the trial concludes
      Sep 29, 2020

      This whole story was really fun to read! The pacing is ridiculously fast and the world is very small, but it's perfect this way. I love the adventurer's guild and its solution to trouble. I was kind of hoping the protagonist would somehow become even more overpowered, it's so easy to root for them doing whatever they feel like.

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      Status: 26: the trial: dungeon-chan
      Jul 20, 2020

      Do not expect this story to be serious, and it will make you laugh. It's basically a parody of everything lit-rpg related. Beginning is quite misleading as main character is trying to be a hero and have a small success, but it then goes quickly downhill from there.

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