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/ Series / My Career is Useless in this World!!
My Career is Useless in this World!!
My Career is Useless in this World!!
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  • Passed away age 25. Died by hyperthermia and major blood loss due to head trauma.
  • Had Alexithymia (Inability to feel emotions)
  • Became an Actress to get her emotions back, End Result: Acclaimed Actress in China.
  • Reborn into a newborn with the same name?!?
Eugeneia Valerie La Veria

  • The Eldest miss of The Veria Family and our MC!
  • Age: Newborn! 
  • Parents: Moniqua and Levis
  • Siblings: Louis, Ramon ( Elder brothers), Aernest and Euria (Younger Twin Sister)
  • Goal: Regain back her emotions (For now)

Euria Xalerie La Veria

  • The Youngest Miss of The Veria Family
  • Age: Newborn!
  • Parents: Moniqua and Levis
  • Siblings: Louis, Ramon, Aernest (Older brothers), and Eugeneia (Older twin sister) 

Character traits

  • Cannot seem to leave Eugeneia alone!
Aernest Cupid Xe Veria

  • The youngest male sibling in the family
  • Age: 9 months old!
  • Parents: Levis (Father), Moniqua (Mother)
  • Siblings: Louis, Ramon (Older brothers), Eugeneia and Euria (Younger sisters/ Sisters)

Character traits| 

A Jolly kid!

Louis Demetrius Xe Veria

  • The oldest of the Veria Siblings
  • Currently aged 7
  • Parents: Moniqua Biyu La Veria (Mother), Levis Demetrius Xe Veria (Father)
  • Siblings: Ramon,Aernest,Eugeneia, and Euria
  • Character Traits: Quiet, Stoic
Ramon Caledon Xe Veria

  • The 2nd child of The Veria Family
  • Aged 3
  • Parents: Moniqua and Levis
  • Siblings: Louis (Older brother), Aernest, Eugeneia and Euria (Younger siblings)
  • Goal: Be like his Elder Brother!

Levis Demetrius Xe Veria


  • Age: 23
  • Married to Moniqua Biyu La Veria, his childhood lover at the age of 16
  • The Father of Louis,Ramon,Aernest,Eugeneia, and Euria
  • Head of the Veria Family
Moniqua Biyu La Veria

  • Age: 23
  • Married to Levis Demetrius Xe Veria, her childhood Love
  • Offsprings: Louis, Ramon, Aernest, Eugeneia, and Euria
  • Pregnant with her first child Louis, as soon as she got married at 16
Continent:United West Liasel

Main Countries


Where the current MC 'Eugeneia' and her family resides in. 

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      Status: side chapter 1 – ramon’s story ‘...
      Aug 3, 2020

      This book is the reason why I joined scribblehub. Very promising, although the author hasn't updated in quite a while. I disagree with the reviewer below that this book has nothing to do with the description. It is a very heartwarming story between the Veria siblings. She did became a baby like what the description said and also her entire family did cling onto her as soon as she was born. 

      I'm looking forward to the updates! Please come back soon!

      Read More

      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: --
      Aug 13, 2020

      Thank you for all the chapters author!! I'm so happy for the updates and I can't wait for when Eugenia will be kidnapped and separated. Please take care and stay safe!! Fully support this book!

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: episode 20
      May 30, 2020

      While this story is pretty good aside from a couple grammatical errors, I am not invested enough to continue reading past this point in hopes of reaching the point of the prologue. 


      so, to the point I have read, and most likely for another couple dozen chapters, the MC is a baby, who cannot speak or move. While some people enjoy these stories, I personally dislike them as the MC is essentially unable to interact with the world and at that point the MC isn't really the MC, but the people who can interact with the world.


      My verdict is that if you enjoy a well written baby MC type story (at least from what I have read), you should definitely read this. If you dislike baby MC, you may want to read a different story or wait for new story arcs.

      I am rating this story 3 stars for good dialogue and writing with a interesting plot for the future, but I have removed two stars as the prologue and description so far have nothing to do with the story. After all, I suppose your career really doesn't matter if you can't even move.

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: episode 59 – tears of healing 5 ‘a...
      Sep 19, 2020

      I love the fluff in this story so much. I cant wait to see how this story develops! Thank you for your hard work author-sama! 

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: episode 40
      Jun 20, 2020

      There are a couple big issues with this story, luckily not grammar at least as far as I can remember, these issues ultimately killed any enthusiasm for the story that I had.

      1. The chapters are slowly paced. Meaning not much happens in them.

      2. The STORY is slowly paced. Not only are the chapters slow but the actual story drags. I'm gonna be honest I essentially dropped it like a chapter after the attack at the palace. While I did stick around until around chapter 40, dropped this a week ago and forgot to review,   THE ATTACK WAS STILL GOING ON. Nothing happens in this plot. 

      3. Honestly updates are too slow and too short for this pacing.

      Basically if the pacing issue was fixed this could be a pretty good web novel.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: episode 32 – assasination at the royal...
      May 7, 2020

      Really interesting so far. There are small grammar errors here and there but there is a tiny amount of them so unless you go digging for them imo I doubt you would find them. The MC’s past is very mysterious to me or maybe I just forgot some stuff by now. Idk but it’s exciting to see twins like this. Thank you for all the hard work you put in. 

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: episode 15
      Mar 28, 2020

      Has potential and I am enjoying it. Looking forward to further development and intend to see the story to the end.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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