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/ Series / I am Succubus!
I am Succubus!
I am Succubus!
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4.5 (189 ratings)
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I am Succubus or "When I refused to have sex with a succubus, she turned me into one!"

Saeko Ito has only really wanted one thing in his life— to be treated as the boy he is. Unfortunately his friends, club, and even his own sister teases him and treats him differently because of his effeminate features.

One day, his life is flipped on its head when a succubus named Mio not only transforms him into a girl, but into a succubus! All because he couldn't find it in him to "man-up" and have sex with her.

Now he, or rather SHE, must navigate her new life as the opposite gender and find a way to transform back. But as her succubus powers manifest, so too, does her succubus aura which subconsciously attracts people to her. To make matters worse, Saeko's hunger grows with each passing day as her thirst for sexual energy begins to take over.

*All characters depicted in sexual encounters are of legal age.

I am Succubus! In collaboration with Tamaya Kagiya, is a web novel adaptation of the visual novel of the same name. Cover art by Himexin,

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AdultComedyEcchiFantasyGender BenderRomanceSchool LifeSmut
BDSM Bisexual Protagonist Childhood Friends Childhood Love Corruption Doting Older Siblings Girl's Love Subplot Incest Masochistic Characters Mind Break Mind Control Obsessive Love Reluctant Protagonist Sadistic Characters Sex Friends Succubus Transformation Ability
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Table of Contents
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    Status: whatever is current ch

    I saw that this story still haven't gotten a review so I thought why not give it one. The story is written in a way that I swear you can just outright hire a mangaka and have them draw out all the scenes and bam you got a manga lol. The story is definitely 18+ so read at your own risk, but it is a satisfying read with a lot of fun for me so far. The characters at least don't use "San, Kun" and whatever else they got in Japan so hurray!! Thank the god when I found out that it is set in Japan I believe, but doesn't use those dam horrendous honorifics for intimacy or whatever. The story is still early and I will be damn sad if it doesn't finish with a good s*xy conclusion. If the author is reading this review, then I hope that you will finish what you have started!! ;~; Don't be like those other author that quit too early or halfway through on a good story. 

    Now back to the review, I believe the character interactions so far is actually pretty good and enjoyable. The story definitely have "PLOT", for both entertainment and research values so yeah. I could see this story pretty well with the descriptive writing style and I am not disappoint that I gave it a try out of curiosity lol. What this mean for other fellow readers is that if you like s*x+awkward situations+Randomness+Fun Encounter+RelationSHIP interaction then this is the story for you! 

    Great work so far Author and Keep up the good work and contents!!

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: all chapters

    Bro this story 10/10 would recommend.

    My personal opinion:

    This story is GREAT. One of the few stories where I actually got invested in the story. The character interactions were BELIEVABLE and THEY ACTUALLY SEEM LIKE REAL PEOPLE (something that is rarely seen in most (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) novels). 

    Even in the scenes without the (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I found myself enjoying the character interactions. Ye, that's how good this story is.

    Of course, some who read this may complain about ze plot (tbh no hate author but its a bit meh). But you know, THIS STORY DOESN'T NEED PLOT. In fact, a good plot would probably detract from the main point of the novel. We shouldn't forget what the main focus of the novel is. It's about Saeko (the MC) learning about and growing into a fully fledged succubus (with best girl Mio ofc). To me, the plot was only there to serve as sort of a side quest. Sure, it served as a convenient device to allow Saeko to learn more about his powers, but the real enjoyment of the novel lies in it's characters.

    Welp, that just about wraps up my review. In conclusion,                 IF YA LIKE TA READ A GUD STORY READ THIS ONE TRUST ME U WONT REGRET IT :P

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