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/ Series / HP: A Sociopath Gamer In Magic World
HP: A Sociopath Gamer In Magic World
HP: A Sociopath Gamer In Magic World
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I dies meet a god and let him decide what would be my fate.

Yes that is what happen.

I died before my time because of god unsightly mistake. Then he offered me some wishes and which world to go, but I decline and tell the god that anything is fine.

And now I am in a world with Magic… yes there is magic in this world.

Well what would happen and how I will live in this world… curious, well you have to read the story for that… l am too lazy to explain all that.

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFanfictionFantasyIsekaiPsychologicalSchool Life
Harry Potter
Academy Accelerated Growth Acting Adventurers Alchemy Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Gamers
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Table of Contents
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    Status: ch 12

    Another surprising fact was that despite Britain's long history of magic, it wasn't the most powerful. In fact, Britain only ranked in the top 50 magical countries. The first was, you guessed it, China.

    It was disheartening to hear that we were just frogs stuck at the bottom of a well, but at least now I knew who my real competition was.

    Makes me wonder about the writers country of origin.

    I already can see where is going like all other (ch) story (ch) number 1 bye-bye

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    Status: Chapter 35: 60 Galleons!

    Solid start for a Gamer-HP fanfic. The author, so far, has also done a credible job of incorporating some sociopathic tendencies with his protagonist, Charles Bell, without misrepresenting individuals on that spectrum as "evil" (they are more morally ambivalent, and emotionally flat, which has its own set of issues). 


    Charles does eventually develop some emotions, or at least emotional understanding, as his wisdom stat grows over the course of the story.


    Charles appears to be very familiar with the HP universe, both book and movie, but seems unaware of the Gamer manga universe, which is probably a good thing... because power creep is going to be enough of an issue as it is, in this story, without that manga providing this protagonist, Charles, examples of how to go about achieving godhood. 

    Charles has made some smart decisions so far, is aware that he shouldn't ruin his advantages by upsetting cannon... too much... and is properly utilizing his system-granted advantages.  I didn't particularly enjoy the abrupt start to the story; Charle's reaction to meeting god was a bit flat even for someone who is emotionally flat. At very least, he might have acknowledged that God is a big deal, or known to be more appropriately respectful and deferential to THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE (apparently more than one). Overall, however, content was enjoyable so I give nearly full marks; I do enjoy HP fanfic, especially ones that are more critical of canonical plot-holes or overlook the evils of the wizarding world (and hits "heroes").

    I updated this review and may continue to do so periodically. I do recommend these chapters; it is easy to read, not dark or heavy, follows cannon... mostly, and is good escapist fiction. Hopefully the author has a full story arc planned out that he is prepared to finish, since I'd like to see Charles reach the end of his HP journey, without too much early power creep, and for his story to reach some sort of conclusion (death, moving on to new things, settling down, godhood, etc.)

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