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/ Series / My Town’s been Infiltrated by Monsters
My Town’s been Infiltrated by Monsters
My Town’s been Infiltrated by Monsters
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4.4 (14 ratings)
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"Another great day!" Kristoffer stretched under the rising sun and breathed in the breeze of the sea in front of him.

But at his back was a town where shadows unveiled screams of horror that turn into creepy mumbles, a street that felt like all the vendors knew each other more than they let on, a syndicate that's feared even by the King, and the syndicate's boss brilliantly and reluctantly acting as Peacekeeper and secret Mayor.

Follow Kristoffer and his neighbors as they discover what it truly meant to be a resident of the peculiar town of Arkbay.

Adventurers Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Comedic Undertone Cooking Demi-Humans Depictions of Cruelty Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Early Romance Enemies Become Allies Family Business Firearms Hiding True Abilities Monster Girls Possession R-18 Romantic Subplot Secret Identity Secret Organizations Secretive Protagonist Shapeshifters Succubus Transformation Ability Underestimated Protagonist
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      Status: 11: glad to have met you
      Apr 22, 2020

      If you like shapeshifter seduction then this novel might be for you.


      There's also a succubus that could possess people.


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      Status: 2: inn-credulous memories
      Mar 8, 2020

      The story lacks scene descriptions, character descriptions and a calm start.

      The first chapter has too many characters who you're apparerntly already supposed to know. I don't know them. The resulting story is confusing as f**k.

      Characters are introduced by having someone suddenly start talking to them. Then, during a dialogue, characters are given alternative titles, which feels like the author trying to gently introduce details, but instead it just confuses you on who is in a particular scene.

      Scenes themselves are very short and there are a lot of time skips.

      After two chapters, I understood that someone (Kristoffer?) runs a bakery, his door got wrecked (somehow?), some small or young guy was supposed to watch an oven but didn't. The small guy apparently read a book, for which another character had a solution.

      Then someone else came as a replacement (why?). They're a woman and are called Penelope. We somehow shorten this to Nel, and then there's some hubbub about a melon pan, but the actual object isn't properly described... Or I forgot.

      The whole "monster" angle is not there. Characters might be monsters, but we're never told or shown.

      TL;DR: story delivers something, it's not what it promises, and it's super confusing.

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