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Taboo Journal
Taboo Journal
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One day on modern earth, a large-scale train accident buries many people in a tunnel, including a young university student.

On the brink of death he forms a wish.
But the ones who heard his wish aren’t benevolent gods.

His wish granted, but in a twisted form, he is thrown into a vastly different world.
A hostile world that shows no mercy to the weak and unprepared.


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AdultComedyFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSeinen
Appearance Different from Actual Age Beastkin Elves Female Protagonist Hiding True Identity Humanoid Protagonist Lack of Common Sense Loli Magic Magic Beasts Male to Female Mercenaries Monsters Race Change Transported into Another World
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      Status: chapter of magic growth: growing...
      May 13, 2019

      First, English is not my native language. Second, this is my first ever written review, not to mention the first time I write something more complex than "I speak English very well, my cat's name is Olivia", but then I saw that there are still zero reviews after the following the story for a while. So I am going to be first and try to express my opinion with my small vocabulary, google translate and Grammarly.

      If you are not interested in reading my amateurish review then just go and read the story because it's good and not just "hmm that pretty good" good but "I already remember exact time than chapter usually posted and I am waiting every week for it because I want more" type of "good". 


       I could try to make a spoilerless plot summary but the story's prologue can cope with it better anyway, so again if you not sure about a story just read the prologue and first chapter. 

      The author knows the direction he wants the story to move and to the end of the first book, he didn't take sudden or worthless turns. I can't remember a chapter that didn't move plot is some way, introduced a character or answer some questions. We constantly keep getting some answers that giving more questions but at the same time giving a fuller picture.

      If you expect this to be heavy action type "conquer the world" book than it's not. There some action scenes but mostly story focuses on slice of life adventure based on character interactions. The author manages to keep sugar-fluff overall feeling of the novel despite the dark setting and MC's desperate starting position.

      I also want to mark how the author managed to skip generic "WOW I reincarnated in a fantasy world and now wandering around like an idiot" part that it didn't look like MC just waited all her life to be reincarnated.


      As I said I am not a native English speaker, all I can point out that there are none serious sentences structure issues and you will not feel like you crying blood tears reading the story. (But you will feel like that after reading my review)


      All parts of the book have top quality but it manages to go beyond in characters. All of them even the second plan are complex: cute airhead but caring and sometimes very smart MC, the second main character is responsible and lived through life hardships but managed not to lose a sense of morals and faith in the world. Even the closest thing this story has to comic relief and the next character in the amount of the screen time far more complicated than you think at first, oh how many ages have past since I saw a comic relief character that has something besides, well comics relief.


      One of the tricks I use to rate stories for myself is how many times it makes me question the logic of the author like then you ask yourself why character A did that it doesn't make any sense or what is this plot twist from nowhere. And that small amount of questions that I had all were answered and even more even things that you may notice only with a magnifying glass played some role in the book. That is something that distinguishes a good story and the best story.

      Thanks to the author for the story, thank you for reading my thoughts if you liked the story but didn't like my review, make a better one, please. The story deserves more attention, professional reviews and cute cover art.

      Again thanks for your attention.

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      Status: chapter of heart resonance: hidden...
      Nov 12, 2019

      Look at the tags, are they to your liking? Did they perhaps even bring you here? If so, then you are probably going to enjoy this story.

      But that's not enough for review, is it? You wanna know more before you give it a try right? If so, then just keep reading.

      A) Let's start by selling you the premise, since the synopsis is a bit vague about it (mostly just stuff from the prologue) :  

      Our MC gets turned into a pink-haired-tentacle-loli-monster and then transported into a fantasy world by some cultist looking dudes. From there on MC pretty much tries to survive among the humans in the slums as future prospects are pretty bleak for a ragged kid from the slums who ain't even human. The story pretty much picks up from there and our MC gets to know people they genuinely want to help, as well as some ideas about their future.

      B) Now, I probably owe you some info on our MC, the tags kinda hint at a lot of things don't they?

      I already mentioned the whole tentacle-loli-monster thing, but one thing about the whole gender-bender aspect is really worth noting; The MC pretty much loses all memories about themselves during the transfer, and only has a vague recollection about their old world. As such, they pretty much assume a new identity with a new name in the very first chapter, we're pretty much looking at a new person right here. Why am I ranting about this? Well the answer is simple; Our MC is cute, not just a bit cute but the goddamn cutest character in the series! She's more feminine than her love interest (and yeah, well this is Yuri so...).

      It's also worth mentioning that our MC ain't overpowered, she has a lot of weird quirks from being a shape shifting-sentient-monster, but also a few  restrictions and issues that come with this kind of body. She ain't helpless, but she probably has to get creative with the kind of skill set/affinities she was born with. (And to be honest she's kind of disturbed by the whole tentacles affair and tries to hide it as much as possible)

      C) Romance?Yuri?ADULT? What am I in for?

      Well, so far it's mostly fluffy and  affectionate, this ain't smut.  We do however get some progress between the main couple, which eventually leads to some lovey-dovey use of the adult tag.  This doesn't look like something that would go down the harem route, however it's worth mentioning that  our MCs cute-&-cuddlyness is mad effective and lands her a lot of  wholesome affection from other parts of the cast.

      D) Enough about the MC, how is the world?

      Fairly enjoyable I'd say, though not too different from the common fantasy tropes. The magic system is explained, we thankfully DON'T join a adventures guild and  DON'T have the LIT-RPG levels and stuff. The ''original'' pieces of lore/legends are neat and I don't tire hearing about the MCs likely origins/race tidbits.  It's also kinda fun to see the MC fail at the new worlds ''common sense''.

      E) Conclusion: What do I think about it and should you read it?

      I do think there is much to enjoy if you like the Monster/Yuri/Genderbender/Fanatsy stuff. The current 48 chapters are a decent chunk to bite in and start, we already had a few arcs (or chapters as the story like to call them). The release schedule is mostly consistent as well.

      I wrote a review because I think this deserves more attention. The story has no cover and is exclusively published on this website (which is kinda young, less than a year even).  I hope more people pick it up when they see more reviews.

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      Status: chapter of soul expansion: the...
      Jul 14, 2019

      The novel has been alright so far and I'd recommend it for people that like mostly wholesome content with a bit of action in between. The tags are pretty much accurate- there isn't a lot of slice of life moments (every scene is plot relevant), nor are action scenes a large part of the story. Neither of the commonly mistagged tags are mistagged here.

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      Status: chapter of living dreams
      Nov 27, 2020

      It's a great story. MC isn't son/daughter of a god that can destroy world so you will see growth of a person in another world. Now there are some problems but author tells us it is because of plot so he/she doesn't want to spoil us. You have long chapters and there is not much cliffhangers but still author can grab your attention so you wont get bored but I wish that the problems I mentioned would get fixed faster because I think it will bore people. Overall nice fluffy and heartwarming story. I recommend to everyone.

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      Status: c0
      Sep 26, 2020

      MC is just beyond stupid. She's as dumb as log. PERIOD!

      Nice setting, OK characters, pretty nice writing style and STUPIDLY DUMB MC.

      This is too much. As much as I like whole everything as much I hate MC. Can't bear it anymore. I'm out. 

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      Status: c0
      Sep 23, 2020

      This is not your standard isekai story written by your standard inexperienced and horny 12 year old. Interesting characters, dialogues, very few grammatical mistakes lead me to believe there was a lot of effort and thought put into this. I wish there were a bit more adult scenes though ;)

      Having said that, I want to warn you that this is not actually a genderbender story. Yes, it says so in the tags. Yes, according to the story, the MC was actually an adult 22-year-old guy before he died and got reincarnated. But never once in this story does he act as an adult or even as a man. There isn't a single case of dysphoria, a single case of him being even a bit confused (although, he did wish to become a girl). So, the MC probably already WAS a girl, or a trans rather. The second point is her general scatterbrainedness. She always needs someone to tell her what to do. She never learns on her own. She never thinks about her situation. In short, she never acts as an adult would or should. She is just a very generic 10-year-old girl in every sense of the word. If the story featured a 10-year-old monster girl from the start, nothing would've changed. Absolutely not a thing. So, be prepared for that.

      The author should probably remove the genderbender tag and all mentions of the MC being once a man. It feels even more weird here, because the MC (like any other isekaied or genderbendered protagonists) has this incessant need to tell everyone that they're actually an adult and were once a man. I imagine a little girly-girl, acting like a little girl and looking like a little girl, telling me she's an adult and was once a man. It's just weird.

      In general, a very cute story featuring yuri and very likeable characters and dialogues. And a very weird MC who for some reason thinks she is an adult.

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      Status: chapter of blooming fate: the...
      May 10, 2020

      Good story 👍 I want moar so I'm reading it a 2nd time... Needs a small bit of editing for grammar/word choice but that would be nitpicking.

      Can't wait for more 😍

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