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/ Series / Consentacle Familiar(R-18) (Dropped)
Consentacle Familiar(R-18) (Dropped)
Consentacle Familiar(R-18) (Dropped)
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4.3 (105 ratings)
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Cornelia, a desperate witch apprentice living in a fantasy litrpg world, summons a familiar... A gentlemanly, alien-looking, and perverted reincarnated Consentacle...
Her new familiar, Tenta, would now need to help them both survive in this cruel world, filled with monsters, dungeons, adventurers, thirsty monster girls, gods, and more...


I kindly ask you to not repost this novel on other sites, especially not on paid ones. You can ask for permission if you want to do it on a free site, but ask me first...

Cheats Dungeons Evolution Familiars Female Master Game Elements Gods Jobless Class Monster Girls Monsters Non-humanoid Protagonist Perverted Protagonist Polite Protagonist Rape Reincarnated as a Monster Reverse Rape Tentacles
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    Status: current

    Ok bro, this is already becoming a serious problem so there is a need to speak out.




    I'm LITERALLY addicted to this story, 30 minutes an hour thinking about it, reloading pages like crazy when I have free time and the end of the chapter becomes torture... Congratulations, your skills have evolved in a gratifying way, for me as a reader.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 17 – a business is best...

    Welp, it's 20 chapters-ish in now and I can confidently say the rewrite went in a much more sustainable direction than the first one

    And is all the better off for it, this one is one to keep an eye on.

    Gets a solid recommendation from me

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    3 Likes · Like
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