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/ Series / Mimic Hero: Discarded In Another World
Mimic Hero: Discarded In Another World
Mimic Hero: Discarded In Another World
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4.2 (13 ratings)
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"How endlessly dull."

Noah and his friends are transported to another world in a severely flawed summoning ritual, and are consequently significantly weaker than what they should have been.

And yet, they defy all odds, and still manage to seemingly defeat all demons and find themselves confronting the Demon Lord.

They are less than fleas before him.

With deep psychological scars, they are replaced by heroes far surpassing the historical standard, exiled and left to rot.

But they refuse.


Currently posting once every three days (got hooked on lord of the mysteries, will be back to daily chapters once I'm done, my bad).

Up to advance 10 chapters on Patreon (for only 4 USD! :3)

Confident Protagonist Demon Lord Evil Gods Former Hero God-human Relationship Gods Inferiority Complex Kingdoms Male Protagonist Medieval Multiple Protagonists Multiple Transported Individuals Non-human Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Romantic Subplot Spirit Users Spirits Summoned Hero Summoning Magic Time Manipulation Transformation Ability Transmigration Transported into Another World Unique Weapon User Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 17

    A fresh, realistic and dramatic take of the Isekai genre. Truly, shines among all the mass-produced trash isekais of our day and age.

    About the story... as you'll realize after reading the prologue, this story has two parts. 

    Before the "thing" and after the "thing ".  

    In the first part,

    Mild spoilers about the direction of the story for part 1


    we're greeted with a realistic depiction of how a hero summoning would go, with scum royalty screwing over teenagers that they've kidnapped to fight their wars and everything, so, you'll be getting the whole package..


    big spoilers for the first part 


    The reality seems grim, and our hopes slim, the heroes of legend are not strong as they should've been.

    Kingdom's botched hero summoning is responsible for that. (f**k them by the way)


    In the second part

    Mild spoiler


    The story takes a much darker turn. Despair fills everyone


    Big spoiler about the direction of the story 


    union of piece of sh*t kingdoms are forced to cast away the heroes, that are now expended trash in their eyes, and our cast splits apart to find their way forward... And so goes the story..


    fatty juicy spoiler for 2nd part 


    cheerful Emma gets comatosed due to overexerting herself to save everyone during the "thing", and Noah takes her with him in search of finding a cure for her normally incurable disease.


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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 30

    Cohesive and Compelling

            It is honestly rather difficult to find an "summoned as a hero" story that is original, and this one hits it out of the park.  A hero disgraced for his failures, with his friends becoming crippled after their loss sets a good stage for growth, and the inferority complex he has when compared to the new heros is a believable reason to strive for growrh.  The story has a main character with a realistic motivation, good grammar, and an original concept.  It's had to get much better than that.

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