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/ Series / Loralle, Becoming a Vessel (Complete)
Loralle, Becoming a Vessel (Complete)
Loralle, Becoming a Vessel (Complete)
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Through an unfortunate upbringing, Loralle sees what others could not.
There is something wrong with this continent of Mondal and Loralle searches to find a solution.
Troubles arise continuously since her birth because of who she is and what she can do, and she can’t help but become a symbol of hatred for nearly everybody.
With one step closer to helping people, she finds herself taking two steps back to see new problems.
As time goes on Loralle finds that this path is one of loneliness, but she is the only one able to take this journey.
What is her true enemy?
Would it be worth changing the whole world and how people live in it?
And why is it that Loralle is the only one that could make that choice?
And then…

(I want to re edit this story as I wrote it years ago. I just don’t know when I’ll be doing that…)

Picture from net, I don’t claim any rights to it.

This story is a sequel to ‘Mahnu, An Immortal’s Journey’. I know it may not make much sense but this is also a side story to ‘Universal Creations’.

Sexual content isn’t until towards the end.

Anti-social Protagonist Appearance Changes Awkward Protagonist Betrayal Character Growth Childish Protagonist Conditional Power Corruption Curious Protagonist Cute Protagonist Elemental Magic Fantasy World Female Master Female Protagonist First-time Intercourse Godly Powers Hiding True Identity Living Alone Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Timid Protagonist Twisted Personality Weak to Strong World Hopping World Travel
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