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/ Series / Fantastic Journeys Through the Stars
Fantastic Journeys Through the Stars
Fantastic Journeys Through the Stars
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Arthur Tullett always led an average life. All he ever wanted was to get a stable job, marry a caring wife, be a fun father, and live without regrets.

All that came crashing down when his magic wielding, tentacle swinging, Cthulhu horror of a baby sitter paid him a visit. Before he knew it, things escalated out of control, and common sense became a thing of the past.

Now he has to venture across the universe solving mysteries left unexplained for eons. Meet bizarre civilizations full of alien wonders, and save them from cosmic terrors out there to gobble them up.

Join him on this fantastic journey full of laughter and passion through the stars.

Important Disclaimers:

Releases: 2 per week.

Chapter length : 2k words on average.

This story contains no harem. I will show when I have to, and tell when I have to. English is my 4th language.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMysterySci-fiSeinenSlice of LifeSupernatural
Artificial Intelligence Conspiracies Cyberpunk Demi-Humans Demons Destiny Divine Protection Family Business Fantasy Creatures Godly Powers Gods Heaven Hiding True Identity Immortals Interdimensional Travel Investigations Lack of Common Sense Male Protagonist Multiple Realms Older Love Interests Outer Space Psychic Powers Technological Gap Tentacles Xuanhuan
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