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God of lies
God of lies
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Waking up in the world he created, Hai Jingyi, an affectionate idiot, finds himself an all-powerful being able to bend anything to his will, but many people are after his power so faking his identity and having his inexplicable gifts passed off as the secret techniques the dead master of a fallen sect taught him, he takes the identity of a lost disciple and with the help of his (once asexual now cut-sleave) bodyguard; the all-powerful Tai Qiang, Hai jingyi must keep up the charade for as long as possible while looking for a way home and simultaneously defeating his other creation the antagonist Hua Fang, the Demon Lord hell bent on world domination!

The web has been spun now let’s keep it from unraveling.

I’m the lazyredragon please enjoy

ActionAdventureBoys LoveComedyDramaFantasyRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Adventurers Ancient China Ancient Times Apathetic Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Based on a Video Game Clever Protagonist Demon Lord Devoted Love Interests Fantasy Creatures Handsome Male Lead Male Protagonist Male Yandere Possessive Characters Reincarnated as an Object Sword And Magic Transmigration Tsundere Wuxia
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      Status: 12.the snake and the hare
      Mar 7, 2019

      Currently, in chapter 12, it seems to be getting dark

      I'm kinda hyped, just a reader so I don't know how to give a really good review but I think its a cool story the Main couple will definitely be my second favourite



      here for VirusxDemonlord 


      Maybe some grammar errors but they arent enough to distract me from the BL

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