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/ Series / Against The Heavens.
Against The Heavens.
Against The Heavens.
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A boy gazes upon the seemingly endless ocean stretching out in front of him, gazes at the endless world ripe for exploration and adventure. But when he closes his eyes, the only thing he can see is a pair of disembodied eyes, blurry and indistinct voices whispering to him from the darkness. Is he haunted or just delusional, exactly what lies behind the things Li Yang sees when he closes his eyes? And exactly what is the Seed of Creation?

(and yes Royalroad, this is my, ShiranuiShukumei's story, and I am fine with releasing it both here and there, get off my case and just upload it there already.)

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMatureRomance
Beast Companions Carefree Protagonist Cultivation Determined Protagonist Gods Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Ruthless Protagonist Strong Love Interests Weak to Strong
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