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/ Genre / Artificial Intelligence [ ]
2.15M Views 57276 Favorites 402 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 3653 Readers 13 Reviews 894.2k Words Dec 3, 2023 AhraManyu
Rakna was not normal. No, unmistakably not. Whether it was his appearance, his personality, his abilities, his identity, nothing about him had ever been banal. Was it his choice? No. He was merely but a tormented soul doing its utmost to live the life it had learned to never enjoy. ... more>>
1.13M Views 40030 Favorites 717 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 2154 Readers 4 Reviews 608.4k Words Dec 5, 2023 akaxkaxyap
"Let's leave my origins. We both have unspeakable origins. But the problem is I know of your origins. Galan of Taa." John said. Galactus' eyes squinted as John said his real name out loud. He never expected someone totally out of nowhere knew his actual name.... more>>
787.8k Views 28894 Favorites 221 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 2897 Readers 11 Reviews 484.4k Words 39 mins ago Erios909
In space, isolation is a slow killer. Company quickens the pace... more>>
522.1k Views 14582 Favorites 201 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 2426 Readers 10 Reviews 425.8k Words 4 hours ago expentio
Slimes are stupid!
Annoying little pests that don't think about anything.
How would they? They don't even have a brain.
They don't even think about what they do, dissolving anything in their reach.
That's worse than a beast acting on instinct, that's just following a program.
A plague of mindless balls of goo.
If it were up to me they should all get eradicated.
At least that’s what I thought.
Until my life was turned into a mess.... more>>
469k Views 12750 Favorites 77 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2315 Readers 4 Reviews 146.6k Words Dec 4, 2023 ChocolateLover030
When his sister had won an additional Dive Gear in a lottery, after already buying one in the mall along with a game, Yoruto decided to sell the one they'd won since he's not into all of that since junior high.
However, his sister wanted otherwise and begged him to keep it so that he could play a recently released VRMMORPG game, Umbra Frontier Online, with her.... more>>
457k Views 15965 Favorites 176 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 3046 Readers 3 Reviews 546.4k Words Dec 8, 2023 ACFoster99
So, let me get this straight, I die not knowing how, get reborn as a mythical bird, my parents are dragons and this levelling system is crap.
If that isn't bad enough, I'm also terrified of flying.
I'm never going to get used to this, am I?... more>>
445.8k Views 11173 Favorites 309 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1256 Readers 5 Reviews 383.4k Words Dec 6, 2023 Akhier
The only places I have posted the story and allow it to exist are on RoyalRoad, Scribblehub, and my Patreon.... more>>
419.6k Views 12071 Favorites 242 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1705 Readers 18 Reviews 639.6k Words Nov 16, 2023 cakeonfrosting
A young pilot testing an experimental spacecraft unwittingly finds himself in the position of one of Humanity's two designated survivors, a plot to preserve the existence of their race in the annals of time. Earth is doomed, the Sun is fated to die, but the last page has yet to be written in the chronicles of human exploits.... more>>
374.3k Views 10578 Favorites 82 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2561 Readers 4 Reviews 287.8k Words Nov 25, 2023 LilRora
VOW, Veil Of Worlds. Merely another game in the industry, just that it's the most advanced technologically, one that gives you much more freedom than any other. That's the mindset a seemingly ordinary student takes when logging in for the first time, and that's the mindset he... or maybe she very quickly realizes to be too simple, too lacking. Because the feelings and changes she herself experiences and sees in others might just make a part of another, much greater truth.... more>>
339.1k Views 13631 Favorites 92 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1897 Readers 5 Reviews 208.7k Words 24 hours ago Pewpewcachoo
I do not own anything from Marvel or Naruto. I just enjoy both universes.... more>>
308.5k Views 7969 Favorites 132 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 1668 Readers 3 Reviews 291.7k Words 3 hours ago JCountry
In a time, now remembered only as myths and legends a great scourge threatened to consume the universe. It was an age of war unlike any fought before and since. A war of such fantastic scope, and extent that age-old enemies joined together in historic alliances. Entire worlds lay devastated, and vast fleets were raised to wage war across galaxies. For Millennia the ancient powers fought in a vast war for survival against an endless menace. The Victor? No one knows. The ultimate fate of the precursors and their enemy has been lost to time, but neither has been seen since the Great War of Legend. To this day relics of that great war can... more>>
306.7k Views 5326 Favorites 252 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2029 Readers 7 Reviews 661.9k Words Nov 30, 2023 RedHunter2296
Cesar is a veteran soldier with a mysterious past, for him supernatural creatures and ghosts are everyday things. He has saved the world from a brutal war against the dragons, a war that no one remembers, only to find himself involved in yet another war on his return. The Alliance and the Empire have been engaged in the Continental War of Europe for years. Cesar loses his life in an important mission to recover the Codex, a gem capable of granting a wish at great cost, the same object that originated the war against the dragons. But offered a second chance, the option to return to life but in the body of a white fox... more>>
210.4k Views 5812 Favorites 140 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 1117 Readers 4 Reviews 251.4k Words Dec 8, 2023 PierceGrey
Iteration 001: initializing. Galaxy: reformed. System interface: established. Player Recruitment: In Progress.... more>>
200.8k Views 6446 Favorites 86 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1222 Readers 4 Reviews 223.5k Words Nov 5, 2023 bignt
A young man full of ambition finds himself in the possession of a dark artifact that can allow him to travel through different realities:... more>>
144.5k Views 7761 Favorites 49 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1513 Readers 5 Reviews 93.2k Words Dec 7, 2023 QuietValerie
The VRMMO Digital Galaxies has a problem. Nobody knows it yet, not even the fluffy little wrench that is about to shove her grease-stained hands into it, but when Murphy comes to collect his due, everybody will know it.... more>>
140.7k Views 4439 Favorites 74 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 778 Readers 2 Reviews 106.8k Words Dec 3, 2023 oofcat
[World Symphony]
A popular VRMMO that gave its players high fantasy worlds and a classic RPG feel.
As a new player, Ai decides to follow what the [World Symphony] forum said and not pick the dreaded Mediator class, the class deemed useless and complete garbage by the players.
It was supposed to be a good-for-nothing class that would offer no benefit at all. ... more>>
131.8k Views 5660 Favorites 205 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1338 Readers 7 Reviews 531.6k Words Nov 23, 2023 Draith
"With a comfortable onesie, and the ability to stop time, anything is possible."... more>>
130k Views 3605 Favorites 116 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 929 Readers 5 Reviews 275.3k Words 19 hours ago Osamaru
Check out the Patreon site in the link below for up to 7 Advanced chapter!
And Enjoy the story! ... more>>
120.1k Views 4708 Favorites 51 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1402 Readers 3 Reviews 113.9k Words Dec 6, 2023 JessicaRae
You might think that in the twenty-fifth century, after having reached the stars and expended their reach across countless horizons, humanity would have grown past all of their squabbles and primitive greed. Technology has put what was once incomprehensible within the reach of any citizen. Food can be printed as easy as paper was in centuries past with housing nearly as simple, healthcare is as easy as a simple puff from an inhalant or a new body part from the biotanks, and yet corporations still lock it all behind paywalls. ... more>>
102.7k Views 5357 Favorites 120 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 838 Readers 4 Reviews 287k Words Dec 7, 2023 Eleeyah
Aden... Aden had an ugly childhood. It taught him how to fight and survive, taught him how to run and hide and cut ties. Taught him that he wasn't born right. It didn't teach him much else. So Aden ran.... more>>
93k Views 3014 Favorites 66 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1100 Readers 2 Reviews 299k Words Dec 4, 2023 Chauchat
Ticia was just your average orphan who registered into the military to get out of her life of absolute misery. Or so she thought. The military might have been the worst choice. Still, she carried on amidst that world for years now. But then, in that world full of corruption and discrimination, Ticia just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time by pure coincidence.
As a result, she is left for dead in a strange abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere…
But as she questions her life in this world, the old facility comes back to life.
Now, she has to adapt to the changes around her and take her... more>>
71.1k Views 2781 Favorites 163 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 377 Readers 1 Reviews 369.2k Words Dec 3, 2023 MakusCorner
Updated Summary: With the creation of different dimensions and universes, came forth intelligent beings. To regulate these dimensions and universes, higher beings took control of containers called UniOrbs. These containers not only regulated the Gods and the souls of those worlds but also dictated the processes of reincarnation. The UniOrb could not do this on their own, so they contracted souls to become "Systems" that made sure souls were able to reincarnate, but not all souls were fortunate enough to do so. "Systems" then teamed up with souls called "Hosts" to make sure unfortunate souls got their wishes fulfilled, their souls healed properly, and ready for reincarnation. To make sure the Systems and Hosts had... more>>
66.1k Views 3337 Favorites 144 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 376 Readers 1 Reviews 183.4k Words Dec 8, 2023 VendakSoth
Home destroyed by an accident of Heaven, Dan and his family have been reborn. Transported into the galaxy of his dreams, Dan, May, and their two pets, navigate family life while they change the script of the world itself.... more>>
65.9k Views 650 Favorites 87 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 424 Readers 3 Reviews 233.1k Words Dec 1, 2023 Reyezwriting
** A Light Novel, featuring a weak protagonist with the impossible task of saving a Virtual Reality world that has moved on without him. A post-apocalyptic sci-fi brimmed with drama, conspiracies, and action. **... more>>
55.1k Views 809 Favorites 22 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 708 Readers 0 Reviews 86.5k Words Dec 2, 2023 Etherealust
Lina's life has been a strange one. A sentient robot in the body of a sex doll with a nerdy programmer girlfriend was hardly normal,... more>>