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202.7k Views 8166 Favorites 142 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 1239 Readers 2 Reviews 86k Words 21 hours ago MadSadie
Dear Diary: I was reincarnated as a catgirl in a dungeon. There are time-loops. There are marble races. There are other catgirls. What else is there? (Pizza) Turn the page and see!!!... more>>
50.3k Views 1069 Favorites 28 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 367 Readers 1 Reviews 64.6k Words May 13, 2021 randomuser855
'I've already experienced one omnipotent being flinging me from one Universe to another...I didn't need another one to destroy what I had just achieved and fling me off into the next'... more>>
17.1k Views 223 Favorites 24 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 157 Readers 0 Reviews 27k Words Aug 27, 2019 MyLadyQueen
Love Born Within Two Days enunciates the story of two men, one college student aspiring to open his own cake business but still studying and a soldier who just returned after a mission, meeting in a cafe, exchanging a kiss.
Lee Won Ho who is rich and handsome has been engaged to his fiance since the age of eight. ... more>>
15.4k Views 315 Favorites 32 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 137 Readers 1 Reviews 34.9k Words Apr 15, 2022 Fukiba00
Michael was a soldier; he was betrayed by his own subordinates and he ended up being killed. He woke up in an unknown place. It's all white and he meets a mysterious, beautiful woman and an old man. And he was given a chance to live again, and he was reborn as Riyo Hanes, the son of the lowest-ranking Baron in a world of fantasy.... more>>
8.2k Views 410 Favorites 39 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 122 Readers 0 Reviews 97.3k Words May 22, 2022 ZachSkye
A dungeon core that wants to feed others instead of itself. Can this dungeon overcome its challenging start in a goblin cave? Will it achieve its dream of being the ultimate restaurant or will it be forced to concede to its own nature as a dungeon core?... more>>
1.5k Views 22 Favorites 11 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 49 Readers 0 Reviews 27.4k Words Feb 24, 2022 KittraMcBriar
Juniper Savine has three goals: first, to clear her father's name. Second, to win the competition to become the king's head chef. Third, to get revenge. As a sensari of Taste, Jun's got magical cooking on her side, and that's about it. If she fails, she faces sacrifice to a wrathful god...but that's the least of her worries. Dark secrets and the people entangled in them hound her every step. The cherry on top? She's pretty sure she's falling for one of her most bitter enemies...the daughter of the man she intends to kill.... more>>
1.4k Views 0 Favorites 17 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 6 Readers 0 Reviews 19.4k Words Jun 21, 2022 MailyWriter
My name was Abony. A girl who loved freedom and aspired to be a painter. But my father had a deep prejudice against artists. One day, I was practicing drawing in the yard. Unfortunately, got angry when he saw my act and burned all my drawing tools. My mother gave them to me when I was a child; I cherish them as treasures. She was a tea house singer. When I was seven years old, my family must move from the city to Wind town because we could not afford rent. Following her dream to become a famous singer, my mother decided to leave. With the thud of suitcase wheels on the ground, my father... more>>
1.2k Views 72 Favorites 5 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 36 Readers 0 Reviews 13.3k Words Feb 9, 2022 Dom2040
The mysterious disappearance of world-renowned Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsay has continued to baffle many experts around the world. In the midst of filming an episode... more>>
1.2k Views 12 Favorites 5 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 17 Readers 0 Reviews 7k Words Apr 20, 2020 Sleepingcat
Neha is an ordinary office worker ,transmigrated to the world in parallel universe due to the God's mistake.
God:" I will give you the ability... more>>
1.1k Views 21 Favorites 20 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 23 Readers 0 Reviews 20.9k Words 1 hour ago devonsewn
A blind Orphan child gets transported to the modern world. Read as he left the world of magic to follow his destiny with an all-knowing system that used to be the God of knowledge.
Meet Legendary Families and famous people as He circumvents through different facets of life with God-given talent.
Be it Acting, singing or cooking, he who once felt guilty for existing will overcome to become a pinnacle existence.... more>>
978 Views 4 Favorites 2 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 32 Readers 0 Reviews 4.5k Words Sep 28, 2021 Jolliapplegirl
Arisa Kunihara's life is a complicated mess. She a mixed raced girl living in China with a dead beat father and a bitter mother, all while working for an unsavory woman as the caretaker of her spoiled daughter. ... more>>
712 Views 6 Favorites 2 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 22 Readers 0 Reviews 3.9k Words Nov 29, 2021 pnnm
[Hiatus]... more>>
706 Views 8 Favorites 2 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 23 Readers 0 Reviews 1.9k Words Oct 8, 2020 NotYourTypicalMan
Alexander Weaver 'WAS' a Prodigy in the Food World, known for his Pastry and South East Asia Cuisine. Good looking, charming, and have a well-proportioned body, an Ikemen.... more>>
685 Views 48 Favorites 7 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 14 Readers 0 Reviews 9.9k Words Oct 17, 2021 TingTang
A persimmon stuffed tiger finds a warm, dry and comfy den to call it’s home.
A slice of life about Qiao Lu, a writer, and Ying Chen, a streamer, and how they began dating.... more>>
644 Views 1 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 17 Readers 0 Reviews 426 Words May 24, 2019 CrazyAren123
What if one day you wake up you find yourself in a setting inside a book?... more>>
482 Views 2 Favorites 3 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 17 Readers 0 Reviews 5.1k Words Jul 22, 2021 SoftScratch
Cute brother and sister get transported into another world, having to survive in a fantasy setting filled to the brim with dangers. None of that matters to him though, since whats most important to him is his only big sister. Anything else is secondary.... more>>
445 Views 3 Favorites 3 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 18 Readers 0 Reviews 4.9k Words Jul 20, 2021 JLWisemen
Stacy had been sat on her desk, a cup of pumpkin spice latte on the side, her laptop pulled out to work on a book report, when she accidentally dozed off on her keyboard. Instead of waking up to a saliva-stained table, Stacy found herself in another world with magic, elves, and monsters.... more>>
363 Views 0 Favorites 3 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 7 Readers 0 Reviews 10.6k Words Sep 18, 2021 K.king
Wilhem Blackburn is actively involved in wildlife preservation. While investigating the most recent rumor, he dies in an accident. Getting a one-way ticket to a fantasy-laden world, Prima.... more>>
304 Views 18 Favorites 16 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 9 Readers 0 Reviews 23.6k Words Jun 2, 2022 loversworldcreator
David, a charted accountant at Johnsons Medical Instruments, one of the topmost companies excelling in the manufacturing of medical instruments in Los Angeles, crushes his gorgeous neighbor, Grace, a soft-skill trainer at Madison Technologies. David's ex-girlfriend and Grace's ex-boyfriend both were dead. The common pain won a soft corner in David's heart. He was also immersed in her charm that he mistook all of these to be love and proposed to her.... more>>
257 Views 5 Favorites 3 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 7 Readers 0 Reviews 5.2k Words Aug 16, 2021 JM_Webb
What happens when you fire your space ship's cook and have to find one on a generic ice planet? A priest finds you, babbles poorly-written poetic prophecy at you, saves your life, and then pays you to join your crew! Hijinks ensue as the crew travels the galaxy, priest in tow. Careful: NO SWEARING! ... more>>
85 Views 1 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 4 Readers 0 Reviews 316 Words Nov 19, 2019 EstelleM022
A quirky love story between the Country's Top Actor and a very popular food vlogger.... more>>
82 Views 0 Favorites 4 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 6 Readers 0 Reviews 1.5k Words May 19, 2022 Enraged_Chiwawa
High sugar content, beware to only read if you have insulin at hand.
Glen Artirius Davion the prince of Davion is a five years old... more>>