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/ Tag / Crazy Protagonist
1.27M Views 18875 Favorites 124 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 3767 Readers 13 Reviews 167k Words Nov 1, 2020 Waxford
One day, Ryusei Homura and all his classmates are transported to another world where they are asked to help in defeating the 12 Demon Kings. Ryusei was always looked at as an idiot, a weirdo and a pervert who always stares at girls’ breasts. He was always bullied and beaten up after school. Even after the summoning, he ends up being the weakest in his class. And eventually, in the midst of a battle: "We don't need to look after trash like you. You're just a burden, so die!"... more>>
125.7k Views 1880 Favorites 109 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 646 Readers 1 Reviews 652.9k Words Jul 15, 2020 ImBoredSoMeh
Anything can be bound. Anything can be sealed. Anything can be restricted. Only time will tell how long these will last. A rewrite from my original Book 1 of the Gamer Series.... more>>
103k Views 1524 Favorites 87 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 238 Readers 0 Reviews 225.7k Words Feb 6, 2020 FukinDeadBeat
The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly has been reincarnated into a baby in the world of Naruto. Watch as he leaves his mark on the Shinobi... more>>
1.5k Views 0 Favorites 12 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 21 Readers 0 Reviews 86.8k Words May 12, 2020 Odabin12
Emily Sanchez was living a normal life in Seattle, Washington, until one morning, she woke up and found herself transformed into a creature known as... more>>
842 Views 0 Favorites 12 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 18 Readers 0 Reviews 93k Words May 18, 2020 Odabin12
After the events of “He Arrives”, Chad and Emily are adjusting to their new situations, while Krockman and the Seven New Gods continue their cavalcade of madness and reality warping. Meanwhile, Calibur and the other scraps embark on a treacherous quest to retrieve a precious artifact. ... more>>
415 Views 0 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 3 Readers 0 Reviews 707 Words Apr 23, 2020 colorless
Just a short story about Delirious and Ohm alone in an abandoned house. ... more>>
192 Views 5 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 4 Readers 0 Reviews 9 Words Nov 28, 2020 Cunt
Biography of micheal jackson's death... more>>
170 Views 1 Favorites 4 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 9 Readers 0 Reviews 7.4k Words May 8, 2020 Kaosubaloo
Originally Written way back in 2013 (I guess I was in college then =/), this is the story of a woman who encountered some crazy shit and dived head-first into it.... more>>