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/ Tag / Identity Crisis
190k Views 1688 Favorites 53 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 904 Readers 5 Reviews 112.7k Words 9 hours ago Sinpathy
White finally leaves his irreparable past behind when transported to another world. Using this second chance he decides to live his second life quietly, but things never go according to plan. ... more>>
148.1k Views 2408 Favorites 72 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 771 Readers 1 Reviews 73k Words Jun 12, 2019 Khiricastares
Falling in love with a lesbian can be difficult. Especially when you’re a man and she’s also your boss. Sadly, looking like a woman doesn’t mean you are one and the consolation prize is a slow death. But, there is always someone watching from above and before death there is one last chance for a wish. Even if the being offering has a poor grip on reality and a penchant for nudity, a wish is a wish. How much of yourself would you give up to wish upon a star?
But please remember, fairy-tales don’t exist. They’re made.... more>>
122.3k Views 1501 Favorites 86 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 745 Readers 1 Reviews 187.3k Words Jan 15, 2020 HappyVainGlory
If you remember something but no one is around to see it, does it truly happen? And if memory makes up your identity, what happens when you give that identity up? ... more>>
79.9k Views 912 Favorites 51 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 720 Readers 4 Reviews 462.8k Words Jan 16, 2020 ioriangel
Since World War 2, superhumans and supernatural beings have been making waves on both sides of the law. Elissa has watched from the sidelines since she was a child. She has always been happy with that; but after a superhuman student with a grudge uses his Pyrokinetic powers to terrorize her school, Elissa has some decisions to make.... more>>
13.8k Views 277 Favorites 23 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 146 Readers 1 Reviews 28.5k Words Dec 22, 2019 Taxouck
After a malevolent spell intended to turn her into an animal goes awry, Cherry finds herself stuck as a plush toy. She now has to cooperate with the warlock that tried to transform her in the first place as her latent magic goes out of control and starts to change the warlock in unexpected ways.... more>>
12.3k Views 229 Favorites 23 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 126 Readers 2 Reviews 106.5k Words Jan 2, 2020 FortySixtyFour
[Updates Monthly!] In the year 2045, an MRI mishap transmits Tabitha Moore's mind back into her body in the past. Now it's 1998, she's thirteen years old, and she has to confront her long, miserable lifetime of failures—and once again being trailer trash—all over again.... more>>
8.5k Views 55 Favorites 12 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 87 Readers 0 Reviews 13.8k Words Feb 6, 2019 TwilightForest
A Shadow Spirit, the soul of a dead demon banished from Hell, merges herself with the soul of a dying human girl and saves her... more>>
7.4k Views 133 Favorites 19 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 106 Readers 0 Reviews 24k Words Jan 17, 2020 Taxouck
Marcus is a bored young senior stuck in a slowly emptying countryside, with parents quick to blame him for all of his life's woes, and two friends, Jules and Sam. A chance meeting with a new punk student at school, Lucie, eventually leads them four to stumble upon their science teacher's secret lab, including a portal to other universes. After an accident, him and Sam find their bodies transformed, and all four friends have to put their heads together to find the best way to accommodate for their changes while keeping the lab a secret.... more>>
7.1k Views 72 Favorites 10 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 102 Readers 0 Reviews 21.8k Words Jan 28, 2019 mrsimple
By a mysterious accident, or maybe divine intervention, a stray cat possessed and transformed the dead body of the boy who saved her. Now she sets out to bring justice to the gang of fellow students that murdered her late savior.... more>>
6.6k Views 119 Favorites 20 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 107 Readers 0 Reviews 42.1k Words Jan 12, 2020 DarkWe
Bang!... more>>
5.5k Views 0 Favorites 180 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 44 Readers 0 Reviews 169k Words Jun 9, 2019 StenDuring
If you were transported from this world to another almost identical.... more>>
4.5k Views 49 Favorites 24 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 58 Readers 2 Reviews 21.3k Words 15 hours ago Rellawing
Susumu was a young man who was born to a well-off, traditional family in Japan. He was born with a unique face which got him labeled as 'the little yakuza', despite his kindly nature. A brave girl stood up to this "demon" and as a result an extraordinary friendship was born. Susumu fell in love with her, and you might think things would go perfectly, but no.... more>>
4.3k Views 49 Favorites 11 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 34 Readers 1 Reviews 24k Words Jun 15, 2019 TwilightForest
A young athlete is banned from taking part in women's sport due to the high level of testosterone in her body. She discovers herself to... more>>
4.2k Views 111 Favorites 7 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 87 Readers 0 Reviews 14.9k Words Jan 12, 2020 underFlorence
Jacob, suffering under an unknown illness for all his life, is ready to say goodbye to his life. His friend Sam is the only person... more>>
3.6k Views 18 Favorites 6 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 60 Readers 0 Reviews 17.2k Words Jan 2, 2019 mrsimple
A teenage boy is forced to cross-dress as a Girl Scout to sell cookies to the wrong sort of neighbor with a dark secret.... more>>
2.6k Views 65 Favorites 6 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 59 Readers 0 Reviews 9.9k Words Jan 18, 2020 underFlorence
When his university has a "Gender Swap Day," Jack doesn't really want anything to do with it, being grossed out by the stereotypes on display.... more>>
1.8k Views 11 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 54 Readers 0 Reviews 5.8k Words Nov 30, 2019 Taxouck
CW: Depersonalization, depression, mention of past suicide ideation​... more>>
1.7k Views 20 Favorites 4 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 42 Readers 0 Reviews 4.6k Words Jan 17, 2020 DetectiveRed
James is a pretty normal teenage boy, a little edgy but nothing too extreme. Unfortunately, his ex-best friend doesn't see it like that and his... more>>
1.7k Views 5 Favorites 2 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 23 Readers 0 Reviews 6k Words Jul 16, 2019 Trixibelle
Pearl awakens in an Oregon Trail game where she didn't get to choose her profession, and anything goes. Can her five male party members... more>>
1.2k Views 27 Favorites 3 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 55 Readers 0 Reviews 10.9k Words Nov 16, 2019 AsphodelVeil
In a coastal city rife with tragedy and tradition live two young women. One spites the law each day to fill her pockets, trying to... more>>
1.2k Views 13 Favorites 2 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 38 Readers 1 Reviews 8k Words Jan 4, 2019 mrsimple
In a constantly transforming world, where reality being altered was noticed by no one, Daniel knew and made the best out of his situation until his life changed forever.... more>>
943 Views 6 Favorites 19 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 9 Readers 0 Reviews 32.5k Words Dec 24, 2019 glbell
After suffering from near-death experiences, six individuals from different warring countries become psychically connected to one another. Chaos ensues.
Vitae ― the color of a soul. Present in things living and non-living. A source of energy.... more>>
845 Views 17 Favorites 1 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 43 Readers 0 Reviews 4.5k Words Dec 30, 2019 underFlorence
Eric, spurred on by his roommate Ron, decides to try out FaceApp. Since he cares for his personal data, he rescinds almost all permissions from... more>>
189 Views 0 Favorites 3 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 5 Readers 0 Reviews 5k Words Jan 20, 2020 AkaGin
"The world is unfair and unjust."... more>>
163 Views 0 Favorites 5 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 7 Readers 0 Reviews 11.9k Words 20 hours ago rmW
Life is finally turning around for Rian Karasawa, a fledgling streamer and speedrunner. When Reflect Systems releases their long anticipated full-immersion VR MMORPG, Project Mirage Online, Rian knows that his opportunity is finally here: the explosion of his streaming career. Thanks to recent technological advancements, the line between "virtual reality" and "alternate universe" has finally become blurred, and everyone is flocking to the game to see it for themselves.... more>>