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814.8k Views 14490 Favorites 62 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 3835 Readers 54 Reviews 221.6k Words Feb 5, 2022 Snusmumriken
How does it feel to have the knowledge of an advanced civilization, clearly out of your world?... more>>
620.2k Views 14984 Favorites 221 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1628 Readers 1 Reviews 273k Words Aug 19, 2022 RaizarP
A young man has died when he tried to imitate a certain magician trick.... more>>
188.2k Views 4263 Favorites 391 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 958 Readers 9 Reviews 879.3k Words Mar 13, 2023 Kazesenken
Being summoned to another world, Claude Evers finds himself in an all too familiar situation: He is a hero, destined for GREATNESS. There's only one problem - his attack and magic capabilities are basically zero. He must rely on his wit and personal abilities, rather than his attributes, to succeed. That, and his mysterious 999 Critical stat, which appears to be maxed out.... more>>
94.7k Views 847 Favorites 74 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 774 Readers 1 Reviews 119.3k Words Feb 5, 2024 KazVelveto
Quest and Conquer Book 1 is now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited: more>>
44.1k Views 963 Favorites 28 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 702 Readers 1 Reviews 139k Words Jul 9, 2023 Cathonis
Having just escaped a magically enforced slave contract imposed upon her by her abusive former mistress, Lilly is already on her way to being thrust into a new contract by the very Princess of the country she lives in, Selicia. Furthermore, Princess Ayano La Belfonse is bringing Lilly to the manor to form this contract knowing full well what Lilly is- She is a human with the heart of a Monstra, a creature that can manipulate the magical energy around itself to twist its body into horrific, unstoppable shapes.... more>>
50.2k Views 549 Favorites 28 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 659 Readers 2 Reviews 143.2k Words Dec 31, 2019 Rellawing
In another timeline, Madoka experiences disturbing visions for weeks. He learns that these visions suggest that his life has far more significance than he... more>>
91.3k Views 1581 Favorites 71 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 649 Readers 2 Reviews 75.1k Words Dec 20, 2023 Svneighter
When I was in Middle-High, I confessed to the first love of my life. I was confident to become her better half.... more>>
27.8k Views 776 Favorites 21 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 402 Readers 6 Reviews 162.9k Words Feb 8, 2023 Ms.Appropriately
Slow-burn Lesbian mystery novel, featuring developed worldbuilding, an interconnected plotline, and a complicated romance between two dynamic characters. Set in an alternate world, similar to a 19th-century England. ... more>>
77.1k Views 2656 Favorites 73 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 387 Readers 1 Reviews 159.9k Words Oct 8, 2023 Harem-Fan
Just before his high-school carrier was to start, Motohama Ryu had the most vivid and bizarre dream of his best friends Issei and Matsuda being devils in the world of the supernatural. Thankfully it was only a bad dream, or was it? Find out what happens when Motohama receives a new power from his smartphone, and a set of memories from a being from another world!... more>>
49.8k Views 223 Favorites 31 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 379 Readers 1 Reviews 447.3k Words May 3, 2022 MaverickKayPrime
With the death of his estranged father, Sebastian Milieus finds himself inheriting the vast fortune of the mysterious Faust Estate. Coming with the estate are... more>>
6.4k Views 118 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 344 Readers 2 Reviews 3.7k Words Jun 15, 2021 ChiriVulpes
I wish I could forget that I ever realised how much better it would be if I were a woman. I wish I could go back to that blissful innocence before.... more>>
15.5k Views 139 Favorites 8 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 246 Readers 0 Reviews 8k Words Aug 27, 2022 Kraken1
Iona loves maids she works at a maid café she researches maids and she wants to be a professional maid. At least until she is killed however she is given the chance to become the goddess of maids and ... slaves?... more>>
31.3k Views 418 Favorites 25 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 202 Readers 1 Reviews 12.2k Words Sep 30, 2021 ChibiWitch
CW: Abuse, mind control, sexual assault... more>>
27.6k Views 64 Favorites 12 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 194 Readers 0 Reviews 89.2k Words Aug 12, 2021 JamesBondage
A dark and mysterious woman has an insatiable sexual appetite and a large surprise in her pants. A (fortunate?) young man becomes her latest obsession... more>>
44.5k Views 214 Favorites 87 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 156 Readers 0 Reviews 29.1k Words Mar 31, 2023 weebserpent
Polina Petrov is the sole survivor of a scout ship sent to explore earth that crashed on planet. Roughly 150 years have passed since a... more>>
8.8k Views 218 Favorites 29 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 140 Readers 0 Reviews 176.7k Words Aug 7, 2023 Kanagen
The penal labor colony called Solstice lies nearly 500 light years from Earth. For decades, the planet was used by the fascist Terran Accord as a dumping ground for prisoners, political and otherwise — that is, until the prisoners organized and won a hard-fought revolution against their corporate overlords and took the planet for themselves. The Accord, on the back foot in their war against the Affini, struck back from orbit, and fired a single shot that almost rendered the planet uninhabitable. For an aging revolutionary at the heart of it all, the arrival of the Affini means salvation for her people, but it also marks the beginning of a new fight for liberation. ... more>>
13.7k Views 75 Favorites 28 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 136 Readers 1 Reviews 134.4k Words Jan 11, 2019 HappyVainGlory
Emiya Shirou. Ally of justice. Entered into the fifth holy grail war, he resolves to save as many as he can. He is a sword,... more>>
7.2k Views 329 Favorites 25 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 112 Readers 0 Reviews 105k Words Sep 9, 2023 Kanagen
Tamara Slaine: attorney, wife, Martian. She endures the crushing gravity of the ancestral homeworld and the gladhanding and bootlicking that comes of managing the money of the elite for the sake of her clients, whom she represents in the legalistic hell of the Accord's courts, and for her wife, Judy, who she privately keeps as a pet totally free of any responsibilities.... more>>
10k Views 385 Favorites 64 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 94 Readers 0 Reviews 151.6k Words Aug 10, 2021 Prysmcat
Mages in North America seem to have it all – typically from well-off families, and able to manipulate their environment in ways most of the world would never believe. They don’t even have to bother with the mundane details of life like housework, thanks to their sensitives, who also make a useful source for extra magical energy. After all, sensitives have no use for it themselves, and if mages weren’t meant to make use of it, then the sensitives would obviously have some way to prevent that. That a mage can transform a sensitive physically, with no restrictions beyond overall mass and basic biological viability, whereas magic tends not to work directly on any other... more>>
3.9k Views 21 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 85 Readers 0 Reviews 3.4k Words Mar 4, 2023 DailyAragon
Protagonist reincarnates, loses his parents at the age of 6 and becomes the official heir. But the situation is perilous due to surrounding territories and he wants to give away his title.... more>>
9.8k Views 208 Favorites 72 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 84 Readers 0 Reviews 189.3k Words Feb 6, 2024 DLRhanna
Book 2 of the Nath’aniel Series
Nath’aniel and the Brotherhood have driven away the soldiers that chased them all the way to the Preserve, and they have started to repair and restore some of the systems of the Citadel. However, their actions have brought them the attention of the other local peoples and tribes, and word from the survivors has spread, as the value of the region is in question. Causing some government agencies’ to take notice, and send their own personnel to check out the region. So now can Nath’aniel, Magneto and the others find a place for themselves in the Savage Lands?
This story is the continuation from A Mage in Marvel,... more>>
6.3k Views 112 Favorites 11 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 80 Readers 0 Reviews 72.1k Words Sep 4, 2023 Emiline
Lord Nicodemus, once a powerful ruler, finds himself transformed into a servant in the opulent estate of Lady Cassandra. Stripped of his former identity and... more>>
5.1k Views 92 Favorites 19 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 76 Readers 0 Reviews 17k Words Apr 18, 2022 LinXueLian
Sun Quan: Aha! I've joined a sect today!
Sun Wu: Oh no, I've lost everything playing mah-jong......
Sun Quan: We're bankrupt! Σ( °△°|||)... more>>
6.6k Views 60 Favorites 47 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 71 Readers 0 Reviews 230.7k Words Jan 12, 2024 Nikushimi
Vincent and Gwenevere are two people born in the world of Altha. A land of sword and magic. A place of wonder. Only, when they were children, that wonder was lost. Ripped from each other's lives, they were forced into the cruel reality of the world. Or rather, that of the Vossen Empire.... more>>
1.5k Views 28 Favorites 3 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 52 Readers 0 Reviews 11.8k Words Dec 23, 2019 TrismegistusShandy
When my wife and I accepted a temporary job as household servants for a wizard, we knew the risks -- in general terms. But... more>>