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/ Genre / Protagonist Falls in Love First [ ]
681.3k Views 29241 Favorites 367 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1955 Readers 18 Reviews 1.86M Words Feb 26, 2024 Soussouni
Grace Pastel is a young girl who lives a cozy life in Jubilife city with her father, and for her, Pokemon battles are just something that she watches on television or online. Entertainment to be seen at a distance. After turning fifteen, she watched as young people her age got ready for their first journey across Sinnoh, all aiming to become the Champion. She usually scoffed at them, wondering how one could throw away a comfortable life in the city to risk their lives in the wild for an unobtainable goal. And yet when she was asked by her father to deliver a package to her mother living two towns over, something clicked in her... more>>
490.8k Views 17772 Favorites 66 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2652 Readers 11 Reviews 69.1k Words Jan 31, 2022 BottledChaos
Dressing up as a girl and wandering through the city as a punishment for losing a bet? Honestly, not the worst.... more>>
365.3k Views 6392 Favorites 96 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1740 Readers 4 Reviews 106.2k Words Sep 25, 2023 Svneighter
Kyousuke Tanta , heir of Tanta clan was selected to become one of the, special black hawk commando , so from young age he... more>>
201.9k Views 4707 Favorites 34 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1424 Readers 3 Reviews 76.9k Words Oct 19, 2023 BioedwinMX
An orphan saves the lives of some children but gets killed in the process, as an act of pity towards him, one of the gods of the universe decides to have him reincarnate with two wishes.... more>>
190.3k Views 4649 Favorites 52 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 770 Readers 2 Reviews 78.6k Words Sep 24, 2021 DurianKing
Waking up in the arms of a beautiful stranger while a handsome stranger is looking at him with affection and tears as a cute child stares at him with wonder, our protagonist is thinking ... more>>
167.3k Views 4283 Favorites 695 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 899 Readers 2 Reviews 743.6k Words Feb 16, 2024 yansusustories
*updates Mon/ Wed/Fri*
When the orphaned Yun Bei Fen becomes a disciple of the Teng Yong Sect and meets his senior martial brother Mei he... more>>
158.5k Views 3667 Favorites 87 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1158 Readers 2 Reviews 167.5k Words Feb 12, 2024 blaze_master100
To make things clear, this is my first-time writing; feel free to correct my spelling mistakes.
His day started out terrible only to get worse by being crushed by ruble. Now reborn as a young female wolf he now she must navigate this new world where the strong thrive and the weak parish all while trying to figure out how this collar appeared around her neck. ... more>>
134.8k Views 2929 Favorites 50 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 622 Readers 3 Reviews 79.9k Words Jan 16, 2021 HantaHanna
Al was a young man, who transmigrated into different worlds and played some minor gay roles. He was the worst in his job, always messing... more>>
127.7k Views 4964 Favorites 36 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1170 Readers 4 Reviews 85.1k Words Sep 24, 2020 Elamimax
Max is a troubled individual, struggling through life without really knowing what they're doing or where they're going. ... more>>
95.7k Views 2868 Favorites 52 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1058 Readers 0 Reviews 118.7k Words Nov 3, 2023 Zerin
A streamer who had thousands of fans in Japan, who loved otome games, reviews them posting online and making a living out of streaming. ... more>>
86.7k Views 1250 Favorites 26 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 549 Readers 4 Reviews 28.8k Words Nov 13, 2022 OreHou49
Our protagonist, Kimura Takeshi, reincarnated in a weird romcom manga, as a side character. ... more>>
83.5k Views 1616 Favorites 32 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 777 Readers 0 Reviews 47.1k Words Oct 13, 2022 yurifutalover
Warning: contain Futanari, Yuri and It's a fluff R-18, NO RAPE.
Yoru lives her life while hiding the fact that she is a futanari girl... more>>
81.5k Views 1691 Favorites 60 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 599 Readers 1 Reviews 84.7k Words Oct 23, 2021 Kirbyisgreen
Gray always knew he was special. He was blessed with a pair of heavenly eyes that saw the world like nobody else. He had dominating strength, honed by the savage wilderness of the King's Mountains. He was meant to achieve great things, to surpass his upbringing as an impoverished miner.... more>>
66.9k Views 1112 Favorites 31 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 441 Readers 1 Reviews 63.7k Words Dec 13, 2020 Robonaut
In his last senior highschool year, Student Council President Sanada Kyousuke dies after saving a girl. But not before finishing all the routes in the popular visual novel "If My Heart Had Wings". ... more>>
66.4k Views 1673 Favorites 71 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 397 Readers 0 Reviews 129.6k Words May 25, 2020 AmolJandial
[SUSPENDED]... more>>
59.4k Views 1748 Favorites 59 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 424 Readers 0 Reviews 123k Words Jan 30, 2024 waka-sama
Hephaestus awakens new memories and find out that he has had a past life in another universe and not only that but he now has... more>>
57k Views 999 Favorites 41 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 410 Readers 0 Reviews 42.6k Words Oct 15, 2019 Leviathan
[Warning: Man + Man./? + ?]
[09/20/2025] [00:00]
Two different dimensions collided.
For some reason, the Earth wasn't destroyed by the shock. Humans died. The... more>>
55.8k Views 387 Favorites 477 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 254 Readers 0 Reviews 514.2k Words May 5, 2023 yansusustories
Security guard Li Ming is still trying to heal from the disaster that was his love confession for his coworker Su Yan. But that time... more>>
49.1k Views 868 Favorites 32 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 515 Readers 0 Reviews 53.9k Words Jun 23, 2021 Aesjamur
Freedom is something that i never achieved in my whole life, i fled father for freedom. But one cannot flee society... Oh well it doesn't matter anymore since i'm dead. I just hope that sis' will find her happiness, i should've confessed to her. See ? I wasn't free : i couldn't do that.
Anyway outsmarting the reincarnation system seems like a fine things to do. In my next life i'll make my rules.
If you have any commentaries on the tags or genre please mp me and i'll fix it. And since english isn't my main language please signal me any issues with my writing.
This novel is also Published on Webnovel.
... more>>
48.9k Views 1961 Favorites 67 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 277 Readers 6 Reviews 459.7k Words Jan 17, 2022 crimson_carnation
Status: Main story completed + Extras ongoing
Returning with accolades after securing victory for his empire, Great General Ning Wei is faced with the arduous task of dealing with the imperial court and its petty schemes. As frustration over his situation mounts, the prestigious Yan household offers an unexpectedly favorable alliance.... more>>
46.9k Views 1115 Favorites 30 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 493 Readers 7 Reviews 150.1k Words Feb 27, 2024 crownedclown7
'Was a fan of all things Otaku. That said, being isekai'd is a bit much, no?' Young man from the real world passes on, and wakes up in a medieval society, without any of the things that brought him pleasure in life. 'But isn't this a chance to start a-new?' Only time will tell as Rudeus decides to makes the best of his new life, but still though... y does his new name sound so familiar? ... more>>
44.2k Views 963 Favorites 28 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 701 Readers 1 Reviews 139k Words Jul 9, 2023 Cathonis
Having just escaped a magically enforced slave contract imposed upon her by her abusive former mistress, Lilly is already on her way to being thrust into a new contract by the very Princess of the country she lives in, Selicia. Furthermore, Princess Ayano La Belfonse is bringing Lilly to the manor to form this contract knowing full well what Lilly is- She is a human with the heart of a Monstra, a creature that can manipulate the magical energy around itself to twist its body into horrific, unstoppable shapes.... more>>
40.7k Views 507 Favorites 33 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 439 Readers 0 Reviews 61k Words Oct 10, 2020 vaexis
Tears drew down my face as I stared up into the sky, the feeling of warm blood on my hands. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes. The newfound resolution blossomed within me and propelled my legs, standing upright from my sitting position. For the first time, I could see the path clearly. It had always been a blur to me; I was always on the cusp of finding the answer yet in the next moment it would fly away. But now, it’s right in front of me.... more>>
40k Views 1165 Favorites 69 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 522 Readers 0 Reviews 138.4k Words Mar 11, 2022 AziaElga
In a world where magic is abound and every human can use magic, Cydney Yen is an anomaly--she is what people call a "magic-less freak".... more>>
27.5k Views 1192 Favorites 10 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 570 Readers 2 Reviews 29.8k Words May 26, 2021 JAW
Life moved at a snail's pace for Leon Smith. Working a dead-end job while taking a seemingly indefinite hiatus from college had done wonders to... more>>