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Sep 11, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 11, 2022
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Just another aspiring author, who seeks to make a living with his stories. Hope you enjoy my works! You can visit my p@treon for advanced chapters or simply if you want to support me! (

Novelty · Jan 4, 2024

clear.pngAre you still writing because I love your novel the wanderer and would love to see more chapters clear.png

Timlegend · Dec 13, 2023

Pls complete your novels nAaa

Johnwolfie435 · Jun 27, 2023

Your still alive right?

GodOfFreedom · Author · Jul 7, 2023

I am, Lol. Sorry for the long wait, I just took some time off since I wasn't feeling well and was busy with other matters. I also need a break from webnovel and the like, so I was only active on patreon.

Larsieboj · May 22, 2023

is there a site were we dont have to pay for more chapter 

YourPapa · May 12, 2023

Amazing Stories

GodOfFreedom · Author · Jul 7, 2023

Thanks man! I am back now, so I hope you do continue to enjoy my writing!

Johnwolfie435 · Mar 11, 2023

Your stories are among the best I've ever read! THANK YOU for existing!

( +1 Fan )

GodOfFreedom · Author · Mar 28, 2023

Thanks man! Really appreciate your kind words!

BestFluff · Feb 20, 2023

I'm all caught up with everything! I'll be waiting.

GodOfFreedom · Author · Mar 28, 2023

I am back :D

AkiraNTRen · Feb 9, 2023

Hello again!! I just wanted to ask if Elijah will have a harem since I think I'm misunderstanding his relationship with Laura.

GodOfFreedom · Author · Feb 19, 2023

At this point in time, I have no intention of making it a multi-pairing. Laura just sees a kindred soul in Elijah, and it is the same for him. They are attracted to each other but they aren't in love, at least not like Elijah and Jean. It's just a different kind of relationship that they have with each other.

AkiraNTRen · Jan 26, 2023

Good day kind sir I would Just like to inform you that you X-Men fanfic is simply phenomenal and I would like to say good job for creating such a story and I hope you will continue in creating more.

AkiraNTRen · Jan 26, 2023

A shame that I don't have money for Patreon since I'm a minor so I'll just have to wait for the 110 chapters to be uploaded 

GodOfFreedom · Author · Jan 26, 2023

Thanks for the compliment! I am glad that you enjoy what I write and thank you for the encouragement!

BestFluff · Nov 14, 2022

I love all your fictions. I'm a little disheartened that updates are slow, but such is the woe of an aspiring author. This is a message of support mostly (and some minor begging.) 

Silverfire is on my favorites list and Pheonix is my guilty pleasure. I've read up to the stopping point of ch 128 on that one multiple times. I'm a little apprehensive to start Wanderer as the chapter count is so behind the patreon but whether or not it updates I'll keep watching it because I love your work. 

GodOfFreedom · Author · Nov 21, 2022

Thanks for the encouragement man! Yeah, my update schedule for this site is rather unstable, as I focus mostly on patreon and webnovel. Though I will try to keep the updates here to the same standard as those on webnovel!

I also generally only upload one story at a time so that those that chose to support me on patreon can enjoy advanced chapters, though I do plan to publish all my FF here in full, might take some time though.

GodOfFreedom · Author · Nov 21, 2022

And I would recommend The Wanderer, as it is the story I am currently working on, and if you enjoyed Silverfire then I guarantee that you will like it too.

Technoblade · Oct 20, 2022

Your patreon is incorrectly configured. Also, you should mark your got fanfic as 'game of thrones' instead of 'game of thrones series'

GodOfFreedom · Author · Oct 20, 2022

Thanks. I fixed both!

Technoblade · Oct 20, 2022

Maybe also add content warnings. There is a feature in ScribbleHub to add certain content warnings.

GodOfFreedom · Author · Sep 24, 2022

Yep, it is a short story. My other story('The Phoenix') is several times longer.

MalleShi · Sep 23, 2022

silverfire only 48 chapters??

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    Just another aspiring author, who seeks to make a living with his stories. Hope you enjoy my works! You can visit my p@treon for advanced chapters or simply if you want to support me! (

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