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Sep 11, 2022

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Joined: Sep 11, 2022
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Just another writer. Critiques, commentary, and suggestions are all welcome :)

My Amazon page, where I sell futa-themed erotica shorts (free on Kindle Unlimited!):

If you want to read ahead, check out my Patreon!

If you want, join the Discord!

IttyBittyKitty · 20 hours ago

Woops I just binged Dungeons in a day. Why and how are these stories so good?

Diestormlie · May 20, 2024

Nooooo. I binged Ascent in, IDK, a day. (I was travelling, don't judge me!) More please!

winterwhereof · Author · May 21, 2024

I've done the same :) Happy you enjoyed!

BryonWade22 · Apr 15, 2024

Started with Ascent, just finished Spotlight, about to start D&D. 

Damn these stories are good.

winterwhereof · Author · Apr 16, 2024


Amdnfemddn · Apr 9, 2024

Love your stories!

I await every new chapter eagerly :)

winterwhereof · Author · Apr 11, 2024

Glad to hear that!

Raistlin428 · Apr 8, 2024

Are you going to continue updating on WebNovel I use it to listen to the book?

winterwhereof · Author · Apr 11, 2024

I'm not sure, since webnovel gets really low engagement and scheduling chapters there is a pain

YLG · Jan 31, 2024

Is the plan to make the glossary still on track? It would be great if it were like that, and even more so if it also had images of the girls.

winterwhereof · Author · Feb 29, 2024

I made quick refresher glossaries for the important side characters that are easy to forget about, which hopefully solves the biggest problem. More thorough entries hopefully coming later.

YLG · Feb 29, 2024

Thank you, I will be waiting for the more complete version. It would be great if the eye and hair color, as well as the complexion of each girl, were mentioned in the glossary, since these are usually the things that help us imagine the character and there are still some that have not been mentioned, for example the Fe's eye color and Sabina's hair color, and in the other novel I think Ana's or Sammy's eye color, among others, has not yet been mentioned

TheCalzoneMan · Jan 11, 2024

Really enjoying both series! I've got you on rotation with Zenith of Sorcery, Wandering Inn, Beware of Chicken, and Super Supportive, and I greatly appreciate how consistent your release schedule is with the high quality of work you're putting out. Love the world-building, and can't wait to see what sexy, funny items/abilities everyone gets in the future!

winterwhereof · Author · Jan 14, 2024

Thanks! Glad to hear that you're having fun with the series.

tinylittledog · Nov 27, 2023

Hey!! I just read your livestream slip up series and it’s so good! If you’re continuing on with the series how many do u think there will be?? I’m obsessed with this ascent! I think the balance between smut and story is so good. Do u have any advice for a beginner writer?

winterwhereof · Author · Nov 27, 2023

I'm not sure how many installments there will be, but I have enough scene ideas for at least 2-3 more. As for when they'll come out ... we'll see, lol.

My biggest advice for a beginner is to not get discouraged. Like any other skill, it takes time to hone your craft. Nobody starts out as a master. Your first story probably won't turn out to be everything you wanted (mine certainly didn't). So enjoy the process and the journey.

Roseofblades · Nov 14, 2023

 I found Dungeons and Dalliances on Literotica and I followed you over to here! Super glad I did! I absolutely love your writing style. I am working on an erotic lit rpg of my own but don't think it's good enough to post yet (despite being over 300 pages already...) Reading your stories are a huge inspiration! ❤️

winterwhereof · Author · Nov 18, 2023

Thank you! And good luck with your novel :)

UhhhWaitUp · Nov 6, 2023

Hello. I really loved your Futa Livestream short series. After too many coincidences, I've figured out one of your favourite tropes is "Nah, we're just friends.". 

Also I've been following you since Under an Amorous Spotlight around chapter 1.08.clear.png

winterwhereof · Author · Nov 9, 2023

I'm glad to hear that! Hopefully you continue to enjoy :)

unhinged · Oct 29, 2023

how can I buy your short stories from outside the US?

erdnael · Sep 24, 2023

Hello, thanks for the stories! Really love them.

Was wondering if it would be possible to get glossary pages with the illustration you have for each characters? 

I know there was one for Delta before you put Maddy in the thumbnail of Ascent, is there one for Zoey and Rosalie? 

winterwhereof · Author · Oct 1, 2023

I should really get around to making a glossary. Hopefully soon? Just busy with other stuff, lol. Getting the chapters out is sometimes all I can manage for the week.

Jormungand35 · Sep 7, 2023

dont want to bother but just wanted to ask what happened with Under an Amorous Spotlight? i really enjoyed so i just wanted to know

winterwhereof · Author · Sep 11, 2023

It's on indefinite hiatus. Might eventually come back but not in the foreseeable future.

ChaosOmega98 · Aug 18, 2023

Why did you stop upgrading on Webnovel anyway?

winterwhereof · Author · Aug 18, 2023

I was getting very low engagement so I figured there wasn't much point. But recently I've been posting to a bunch of other sites, so I might start posting Ascent and also D&D to it, again.

AliceHiess · Aug 17, 2023

Just an fyi someone on webnovel stole ascent to divinity apparently there is a version on Wattpad as well

ChaosOmega98 · Aug 18, 2023

I just saw the Webnovel version as well

winterwhereof · Author · Aug 18, 2023

I'll send an email to webnovel. The wattpad one is posted by me, so no issue there. Thanks for letting me know.

AliceHiess · Aug 18, 2023

GL i heard getting webnovel to remove stolen material is extremely hard.

ChaosOmega98 · Aug 18, 2023

Well since it is in too places it shouldn’t be too hard and the person who posted the copy might delete there copy as they did not know it was already posted in the site

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    Just another writer. Critiques, commentary, and suggestions are all welcome :)

    My Amazon page, where I sell futa-themed erotica shorts (free on Kindle Unlimited!):

    If you want to read ahead, check out my Patreon!

    If you want, join the Discord!

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