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May 31, 2019

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Joined: May 31, 2019
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Ethereal · Author · Oct 11, 2022

I have decided to start writing again purely as a HOBBY, while I continue to focus on studying. I have created a series on here that is not related to this one. It basically about a dude who transmigrates to an alternate earth and awaken a superpower that lets him create from nothing. I will not be putting out chapter's regularly, as I still am focusing on my studies, and this purely a hobby. I will write chapters when I have spare time and feel like doing so.

Ethereal · Author · Sep 22, 2022

To my fans including the_onez3 I have decided to keep writing as a hobby. I probably won't put out an announcement until I've decided what too release. I have several stories I've been working on and I'm having a hard time deciding which to focus on. I probably won't put anything out until I have a back log, but ideally I would have the entire series completed before I realease it, at the very least book 1 complete or a back log. 

Ethereal · Author · Sep 22, 2022

@the_onez3 It will be okay, but read the latest announcement. 

ProjectHorton · Jan 1, 2021

I hope you finish book/volume 2 soon, I’m looking forward to what people think of ethereal’s world, through I will have to reread everything since I will probably forget something’s by the time you do.

Ethereal · Author · Jan 21, 2021

Sorry it's gonna be a while.

ProjectHorton · Jan 21, 2021

it’s fine, as long as you do eventually.

the_onez3 · Aug 11, 2022

*cries in 2022*

Undin · Dec 11, 2020

All i can say he's a good writer with good ideas keep on buddy 

Ethereal · Author · Dec 25, 2020

Thank you

Ethereal · Author · Jun 24, 2019

Only got one chapter done last week becuase of how hectic it was. Now I finally have some energy. Lets get to work.

Ethereal · Author · Jun 12, 2019

12/12 3 in 1 day. Finally, finally I have completed the 12 buffer chapters and scheduled their release. It is done.

Ethereal · Author · Jun 11, 2019

10/12 woohoo

Ethereal · Author · Jun 10, 2019

9/12 Yayy

Ethereal · Author · Jun 8, 2019

8/12 wooohoo f*** I'm tired.

Ethereal · Author · Jun 8, 2019

7/12 Woohoo yeahh, tired as f*** tho.

Ethereal · Author · Jun 7, 2019

Yayy 6/12 I'm half way through the buffer chapter yyaaayy woohhoooo

Ethereal · Author · Jun 6, 2019

Yaayyy 5/12 Woohoo

Ethereal · Author · Jun 4, 2019

4/12 whoop whoop

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