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Well-Known Author
Oct 25, 2022

Well-Known Author
Joined: Oct 25, 2022
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brrumbo · Jun 9, 2024

I’m curious, how big will Akio’s harem be?(sry if im asking in the wrong place i havent used sribblehub before clear.png)

ShugabearONE · Apr 3, 2024

Do you still have a Discord account?

ShipTeaser · Author · Apr 4, 2024

Yeah give me a little bit and I'll drop a link here

ShipTeaser · Author · Apr 4, 2024

Octopal · Apr 23, 2023

Hello, Mr. Italic everywhere.clear.png

ShipTeaser · Author · Apr 23, 2023

Well, it's just a stylistic choice. Can't please everyone clear.png

ShipTeaser · Author · Apr 23, 2023

Well, it's just a stylistic choice. Can't please everyone clear.png

cooldaddy · Apr 9, 2023

Loving this story!! I see below mentioned, you don't have extra chapters on a patreon, but do you have one in general? This is the kind of writing I'm used to paying for, or at least contributing to.

ShipTeaser · Author · Apr 9, 2023

Nah, i'm not interested in making money from it, it's a Labour of love *smile*

Appreciate the sentiments though!

thirdgencubfan · Apr 5, 2023

Hello! Do you have a patreon with extra chapters of Astral Tides? I neeeeed MORE chapters!clear.pngclear.png

ShipTeaser · Author · Apr 5, 2023

Sadly not lol, what you see is what you get *smile* I try I post five a week though so they come reasonably fast

ABH · Apr 1, 2023

Hey I just read chapter 74, I don't know what you have for MC's sister further in the story but if you haven't written about it I'm on the side of MC x sister for this.

galaxy123 · Jan 22, 2023

Congratulations! You've reached 1M words clear.png

ShipTeaser · Author · Jan 22, 2023

Yeah, they just keep coming lol

galaxy123 · Jan 12, 2023

Hi, why don't you post your story on I think people will like it

ShipTeaser · Author · Jan 12, 2023

Well, I mean I can look into that, but the more places I have to post the more effort is is *smile*

I might check it out, see if it's a good fit though.

Zext · Feb 8, 2023

I personally don't think a good idea i have never seen or heard good things about them from both authors and readers and i have been here for a long time

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