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Nov 5, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 5, 2022
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Prolific Smut Writer just making my way in the world!

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Archive of Our Own:

zod37311 · Sep 12, 2023

Can you have your mc of endless legacy copy the physiology of lobo/Czarnian

Baal130994 · Aug 23, 2023

is the MC in the maiden mute ?

Cambrian · Author · Aug 23, 2023

He's mute by choice basically. Can talk but doesn't except for in very rare moments.

Amiro0o · Aug 8, 2023

Yo mate, what happened to your fanfiction account?clear.png

Cambrian · Author · Aug 8, 2023

They deleted me off the platform, alas v.v

Can't complain, obviously I was breaking their rules for the past 10+ years I posted smut there. But then TBF, they were never enforcing their rules... until now lmao.

I'm just the latest in a string of NSFW authors who have been kicked off tbh. Seems like FF is going through a purge atm.

Cambrian · Author · Aug 8, 2023

If you're looking for any content that was on FF but isn't here, you'll need to make an account on Hentai-Foundry or QuestionableQuesting to see it all. That's where the vast majority of my 1300+ stories are still saved.

Amiro0o · Aug 8, 2023

Damn, thanks for the updateclear.png

I gotta make an account, I couldn't figure out the UI of the QuestionableQuesting before but oh well...

Brenster100 · Aug 8, 2023

I am so sorry to hear about Fanfiction. Seems a bit odd only to start enforcing their rules now...

Leleko2 · Jul 28, 2023

The great master finally come to this place... Welcome to scribble, Mr. Beckett 

Cambrian · Author · Jul 28, 2023

Lol thanks, happy to be here! Been a great welcome so far!

GreatFr045 · Jul 20, 2023

Has endless legacy been dropped or discontinued?clear.png

Cambrian · Author · Jul 20, 2023

Nah its just on a twice-monthly update schedule. New chapter comes out every two weeks for that and the other nine stories I first posted on this website.

Cambrian · Author · Jul 20, 2023

You're in luck btw. EL's newest chapter just went up today. Chapter 12 will be up in 14 days heh

BOOKW0RM · Jul 7, 2023

*giggle* more to read! Thanks for sharing your stories to the unwashed masses!

Cambrian · Author · Jul 7, 2023

Hope you enjoy them!

DeathDoesWonder · Jul 5, 2023

Its nice seeing you post here as well, great stuff, keep it up bro !

Cambrian · Author · Jul 5, 2023

Thanks, appreciate the vote of confidence!

NmWSeraph · Jul 2, 2023

Do you plan to write anything that's not harem/smut? 

Cambrian · Author · Jul 2, 2023

There might be some works posted here that are less smut and more plot, but no, about 90% of all my work is harem and 99% is smut lol.

Croriam · Jul 2, 2023

oh it's cool to see you on this site now. Nice.

Cambrian · Author · Jul 2, 2023

Heh, thanks!

Drew_the_Ghost · Jul 2, 2023

Did ya have issues with your Webnovel account as well? Since you're uploading em here.

Cambrian · Author · Jul 2, 2023

I have a plethora of issues with how Webnovel is run, to be honest. Like for instance, you can't have more than 20 stories to an account, which forced me to make two WN accounts initially to circumvent that rule. I would have had to make a third just to post 6 of the stories I've posted here so far earlier this year.

Cambrian · Author · Jul 2, 2023

Second, Webnovel paywalls basic features like being able to bold and italicize your words.

Third, they don't do anything about plagiarism. The entire reason I had to start posting to Webnovel in the first place was because it was the only way for me to reclaim the many stories that other people had stolen from me and posted there under their own names.

So on the one hand, no issues with my Webnovel account(s) so far, but on the other hand, I'm pretty sick and tired of the website, heh.
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    Prolific Smut Writer just making my way in the world!

    Support me on Patreon:

    Or check me out on my other active websites!

    Archive of Our Own:

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