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Nov 5, 2022

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Joined: Nov 5, 2022
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Prolific Smut Writer just making my way in the world!

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Archive of Our Own:

MemeDarg · Jun 8, 2024

completely unbiased but i think there should be more of your stories with dragon MCs :)

liked the got dragon one, it was good, thanks for writing!

Anubis · Jun 7, 2024

Did you update your story because I don't see chapter 48 for your Ironman story

Cambrian · Author · Jun 8, 2024

Yeah not sure why its now showing up yet

Cambrian · Author · Jun 8, 2024

Made it appear by going in to edit mode and just clicking Update Chapter so it should show up now.

Anubis · Jun 8, 2024

It fixed now

Starsign · May 10, 2024

Hey there, am an aspiring writer and i wanted to ask if it is a good thing if your writing feels chaotic, as if you don't know what's going to happen next in your own story? Or if there is too much to process for a reader?

CainGoldenEyes · May 12, 2024

I would say that is not really bad,but there is a problem.This style of writing is good only for short stories,because in the case of long stories,it becomes hard for readers to keep up with your world building and narative.Anyway ,it's depend on how can you make use of it,because if used correct,it can keep the readers active.Just don't exagerate!Well,I advise you to have at least a general idea about what do you want to write.(like a magus saga etc.)Good luck !😃

Starsign · May 12, 2024

Okay, thanks you for the advice and I will try my best.

Mythmaster215 · May 3, 2024

Looking forward to more chapters on the harry potter fanfiction. 

BlueJeanius · Mar 21, 2024

Love your shut Cambrian. I'm drawn in by the "plot" but then actually stay for the plot. Would love to see more non-humanoid works like your dragon one. Anyways, that's all I really have to say, peace.

YourLocalChairCultist · Jan 22, 2024

Why the hell do you have so many smut stories?

YourLocalChairCultist · Feb 12, 2024


But I like war crimes! I only submit rapists to the cruel and unusual punishment of "Off with his head!" (The other head)

Johnwolfie435 · Feb 13, 2024


Now, that's a good start! But what about slowly flaying them alive, ripping their flesh off their bones, showing the ugliness that lies beneath rapists flesh? Forcing them to eat theit own manhood(if their a male). Now THAT is a proper warcrime! ESPECIALLY if broadcasted live across multiple televised platforms!clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

YourLocalChairCultist · Feb 13, 2024


I've done that, however the ICC, ICRC, and other organizations are after me. They are so op in my universe fellow dimensional traveler. 

Kaithar · May 2, 2024

See, when I commit cruel techniques and unusual abominations I have created I just have to explain they are defensible war crimes if I'm not forcing other people to try and make sense of the code clear.png

If I do not birth at least one program design a month that meets the standard of "bloodied entrails of an unidentifiable beast" I feel like I'm loosing my touch. clear.png

Wanna hear my awesome new design for a text-to-speech model?  It's inspired! clear.png

Johnwolfie435 · Jan 7, 2024

*Smashes through you wall like the Kool-Aid Man with a T-₩¥μμ§ smile on my Eldritch face*

Cambrian! I've got an idea that would be B£ØØDŶ hilarious, and that could help Lucien!

Johnwolfie435 · Jan 7, 2024

Want to give an ear??

PadmaPandey · Dec 16, 2023

Stunningly Outstanding works by incredibly exequisite author. Perhaps one of the greatest author of erotica if you ask me. With lots of ♥ and 💋. 

Noodlefake · Mar 30, 2024

I must agree

Boobaslurper · Dec 10, 2023

Hey Cambrian, beside here, I've read your other work on other websites like HF and QQ. I have a question though, do you have a plan on doing live writing?

Marcos200666 · Nov 6, 2023

Hello, can I make a suggestion why you don't try to make a fic of a Viltrumite Mc or Kryptonian or a hybrid between the two races?

This is a suggestion, I'm not telling you that you have to do it because I told you so.
Iudex · Nov 24, 2023

Muy buena idea +1

PadmaPandey · Dec 19, 2023

I agree 👍 

Entrash · Oct 3, 2023

The important thing is to know that you are going to publish it since I am starting to read some stories of yours and Breaking Providence was the first one that law and I liked it a lot so I wanted to know if when you publish it you will publish it on this website

Cambrian · Author · Oct 3, 2023

Yes, whenever I start Book 2 of Breaking Providence, it will definitely be published on this website along with all of my other websites!

Entrash · Oct 3, 2023

@Cambrian Try to look at the other websites to look at your stories but from the mobile it gets annoying while I will read the ones you have here and then see if I can read the other

 PD when you have been creating stories and fanfics? 

 P.S. 2 Are you mainly dedicated to fanfics?

Cambrian · Author · Oct 3, 2023

I've been writing pretty regularly since 2015 at this point, so eight years!

And yes, I've mainly only ever written fanfiction. Breaking Providence and now The Soul Engine (my current free write) are my only two original novels.

Entrash · Oct 3, 2023

author tell me what you will publish on this page breaking providence 2 please

Cambrian · Author · Oct 3, 2023

Not any time soon. Working on other things at the moment.

zod37311 · Sep 12, 2023

Can you have your mc of endless legacy copy the physiology of lobo/Czarnian

Baal130994 · Aug 23, 2023

is the MC in the maiden mute ?

Cambrian · Author · Aug 23, 2023

He's mute by choice basically. Can talk but doesn't except for in very rare moments.

Amiro0o · Aug 8, 2023

Yo mate, what happened to your fanfiction account?clear.png

Cambrian · Author · Aug 8, 2023

They deleted me off the platform, alas v.v

Can't complain, obviously I was breaking their rules for the past 10+ years I posted smut there. But then TBF, they were never enforcing their rules... until now lmao.

I'm just the latest in a string of NSFW authors who have been kicked off tbh. Seems like FF is going through a purge atm.

Cambrian · Author · Aug 8, 2023

If you're looking for any content that was on FF but isn't here, you'll need to make an account on Hentai-Foundry or QuestionableQuesting to see it all. That's where the vast majority of my 1300+ stories are still saved.

Amiro0o · Aug 8, 2023

Damn, thanks for the updateclear.png

I gotta make an account, I couldn't figure out the UI of the QuestionableQuesting before but oh well...

Brenster100 · Aug 8, 2023

I am so sorry to hear about Fanfiction. Seems a bit odd only to start enforcing their rules now...

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    Prolific Smut Writer just making my way in the world!

    Support me on Patreon:

    Or check me out on my other active websites!

    Archive of Our Own:

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