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Famous Author
Jun 11, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Jun 11, 2019
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TDM · Jun 30, 2021

Hi.  I saw the chronological read order you noted below, "void king, demons gate, parasitic sword, and then heavens wrath"; of these, are any of them completed?  Also, is there any crossover and/or continuity between the stories (e.g. a sword or descendant from one story then appearing in a later story).

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Jun 30, 2021

None of the stories are completed yet, but Heaven's Wrath is the closest. And for the moment its been mostly mentions and the like, only in Heavens Wrath and Demons Gate have any of the previous Main character's made an appearance

Ayakojima · Apr 29, 2021

Hey, when new chapter of the demon Gate?

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Apr 29, 2021

¨Not sure. Currently focusing on Monarch of Heavens Wrath, Parasitic Sword Monarch, and The Void King. So whenever one of these stories finishes their current book. if I were to guess, maybe three to four months

IsseiVeskitos · Jun 4, 2021


arsh2000 · Mar 28, 2021

Just want to say you have some of the best novels i have ever read. Keep up the good work!clear.png

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Mar 28, 2021

Thanks man, always really nice to hear from a reader clear.png

dsacr0322 · Mar 17, 2021

Just wanna say keep up the great work been reading since the start love your work

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Mar 28, 2021

Thanks man, it's always really nice to hear that from a reader clear.png

IsseiVeskitos · Mar 15, 2021

When new ch?

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Mar 15, 2021

Well, TDG just finished its current book so it'll shift into hiatus while another story takes its place. so Monarch of Heavens Wrath should get a chapter today while Parasitic Sword Monarch should get one tomorrow or the day after

IsseiVeskitos · Mar 15, 2021

'Kay nice

Coheed27 · Feb 25, 2021

Hey I really like the story of Against the Heavens and was wondering if you were continuing it? 

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Feb 25, 2021

I am, just not at the moment. Right now im focusing fully on The Demon's Gate. After that it'll be either Monarch of Heavens wrath or Parasitic Sword Monarch, anything after that will be up for debate at that time

Electro · Jun 3, 2020

Really loving the stories behind Parasitic monarch and Heaven’s Wrath monarch clear.pngclear.png

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Jun 3, 2020

Thank you veey much :)

Electro · Jun 1, 2020

Great work!

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Jun 1, 2020

Thank you :)

weakwithwords · May 31, 2020

I don't get this hiatus rotation concept.  It's not really considered a hiatus until months pass.  Just write whichever series you feel like continuing whenever you feel like writing.  You're just distracting your oomph with polls.  People who like your works will read whatever you release whenever you do when they're in the mood to read.  It's that simple.

Nairo · Mar 1, 2020

4 series with same universe

I'm curious what series do I read first? Ah... so interesting.

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Mar 1, 2020

It doesnt really matter which one to read first  but if you want to go chronologically it would be void king, demons gate, parasitic sword, and then heavens wrath

Nairo · Mar 1, 2020

Thank youclear.png

kilnareth · Jan 13, 2020

Not a man of many words but I just want to say that I really love your work. Hope to read more stories from you :D

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Jan 13, 2020

Thank you, it means a lot to hear that :)

Vyrphax · Jan 7, 2020

It's just sad that some people haggle you for chapters. Why cant they all be patient and cut you some slack with your material. From what I've read, it's worth the wait. 

hongye · Nov 8, 2019

where you at? T-T no more update, the void king?

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Nov 8, 2019

Its actually getting an update today. Its just that christmas season has arrived for most restaurants so im finding myself scraped for time and energy, sorry

NuggetLord · Sep 19, 2019

Just want to say, I'm really enjoying The Void King so far.

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Sep 19, 2019

Thanks man, it's nice to hear that

Tsuru · Aug 28, 2019

Ehhhhhhh !? Is Monarch an original series done by you ? With already 180+ chapters ??? Got a cliche summary though XD. Sigh, i always want to find a new interesting series but it's too bad that yours got a "revenge" plot and that surely there will quite a lot of enemies i guess.

ShiranuiShukumei · Author · Aug 28, 2019

Yeah, its one of the stories im writing, why?

Tsuru · Aug 28, 2019

Looks like you didn't understand the deep meaning of my reaction and the word "yours". In short i am impressed by you by the fact you could a write a so long series.

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