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Famous Author
Jun 12, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Jun 12, 2019
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Just an amateur that likes to read and write fantasy in his free time.
I'm a beginner, so feel free to point out mistakes.

Jessy · 16 hours ago

What is your release schedule, and or do you have a discord?


Greydra · Author · 16 hours ago

I don't have a schedule, nor a discord. I release them when they're finished.

Ain · 17 hours ago

How do you raise luck and int?

Greydra · Author · 16 hours ago

LUC can't be raised, unless with special skills and other abilities. The latter type's only stuff like temporary buffs.

INT is intelligence, so you have to study to increase that. Or get a supercomputer brain transplanted into your noggin.

Ain · 22 hours ago

Can people see their own status without identification skill?

Greydra · Author · 22 hours ago

Nope. But the skill's easier to get than Appraisal was in the previous work. And it's not locked behind a class, or race, or whatever.

Ain · May 27, 2020

Are stars no longer represented as numbers? Are you going to use letters instead?

Greydra · Author · May 27, 2020

Only for telling average status values on the bestiary pages of the Kigal-Note. There will be a ranking chapter that tell more about them. 

Greydra · Author · May 26, 2020

Any ideas for skills that lets you see in the dark, except [Night Vision]? May add it to the next chapter.

Ain · May 26, 2020

Darkness Vision -ability or spell of beings related to goddess of darkness to see in the Dark.

Greydra · Author · May 26, 2020

@Ain That's already classified as a Monster Skill though. Not possible to get with the initial skills.clear.png

Ain · May 26, 2020

Vibration sense-The majority of spider species do not rely on vision to find prey or mates and can avoid visual predators (such as birds) by being active at night. Most spider use their sensitivity to vibrations, either in their web or the ground, or in the air, to detect prey.

I_Eat_Goldfish · May 27, 2020

Upper spectrum visibility, Lower spectrum visibility, Thermal Band Visions, X-Ray Band Vision, Higher Order Vision (literally for Gods because mortals can't see beyond 3-D), Dark Vision Lite., Echo Vision/sense. Just throwing some out; I'm getting some of these from the Metroid Prime Visors.

Ain · May 26, 2020

What about the meeting with skvalv, how is Garami going to attain his blessing if She never meets him? Then She won't have appraisal.

Greydra · Author · May 26, 2020

In this version, [Appraisal] is replaced with [Identification].

Destinyking · May 25, 2020

Is the mc going to have a Male partner as well as a female partner in the reboot 

Greydra · Author · May 25, 2020

See the tagsclear.png

Destinyking · May 25, 2020

It says bisexual protagonist 

Greydra · Author · May 25, 2020

There's your answer.

Destinyking · May 25, 2020

If that is the case then maybe after she meets both you could do a r 18 chapter of her doing both at the same time 

Greydra · Author · May 25, 2020

The first two chapters of the reboot is now online! Check-it-out!

Shoto · May 24, 2020

@Greydra , agora que agente sabe sobre o segredo de Mira, quando for refazer a história, porque você não adiciona alguns dos verdadeiros pensamentos e sentimentos de Mira, como quando Garami encontrou ela, cenas dela fazendo relatórios para o rei demônio, os pensamentos dela quando teve a sua primeira noite com Garami. Agora parando para pensar, existiram poucas vezes que era Mira que estava narrando a história, agente nunca viu os pensamentos dela.

Greydra · Author · May 24, 2020

Another question: Would the unique items of the Champions classify for the "Unique Weapon" tag? If there was a "Unique Item" I would have taken it without any hesitation...

Yelnats · May 24, 2020

You’re main character uses threads as a whip you need tag anyway clear.png

Greydra · Author · May 24, 2020

@Yelnats Good point.

Shoto · May 24, 2020

Acho que sim, não esqueça das tags sobre sadomasoquismo, harém, hermafrodita, magia, assassinado, níveis entre outros, cenas r-18, demônio, demihumano, animais místicos, não sei se tem essas tags.

Greydra · Author · May 24, 2020

Something I was wondering about: Which of the following tags works best for my story?

God OR Goddess?

Ruiso · May 24, 2020

Goddess since Alvatria is all the rage these days clear.png

Shoto · May 24, 2020

Goddess, se relaciona melhor com Ria chan

Greydra · Author · May 23, 2020

Another new element with the re-load is that the Kigal-Note will start from the beginning of Arc 1.

975894247 · May 23, 2020

As long as you still update the old one untill the new one catch up i'm fine

Greydra · Author · May 23, 2020

I'll focus more on the reload in that case, but those chapters are going to come maybe several in one day, so it will only take a little more than a week to reach the point we're already at on the old one.

Greydra · Author · May 23, 2020

Hey guys! Some news according to the clean-up of the novel. I'm thinking of remaking the whole novel from the beginning, as there are several new elements I wanna add to the story, while improving the bad writing in some of the chapters.

Greydra · Author · May 23, 2020

Some of the new elements include Extra Evolutions, plus quality and rarity added to items, including the rank of the items.

Shoto · May 24, 2020

@Greydra Então eu não me importo se você refizer a historia, eu até gosto da idéia, pois eu pude perceber que o mundo criado cresceu muito e algumas coisas que aconteceram nós primeiros capítulos deve está atrapalhando algumas idéias que você teve agora. Eu vou no último capítulo do Kigal note colocar algumas sugestões para você.

S1nZ · May 24, 2020

It kinda annoys me, since I only started reading this a few weeks ago and got to the latest chapter already, but would love to re-read the whole thing over again when the reloaded version is done.

Will you be informing us when the reloaded chapters are out?

I_Eat_Goldfish · May 24, 2020

Cleaning changed to overhaul is a bigger move. This makes me think of what Awyn is doing right now with his/her Blood Destiny story on SH. There's a good reason why your story is among the top currently and if you see a better narrative through an overhaul rather then a clean-up and the opportunity cost makes it worth while you're king. 

niewaznekto · May 20, 2020

It looks nice but would prefer more chapters instead :p

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    Just an amateur that likes to read and write fantasy in his free time.
    I'm a beginner, so feel free to point out mistakes.

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