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Jun 12, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Jun 12, 2019
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Just an amateur that likes to read and write fantasy in his free time.
I'm a beginner, so feel free to point out mistakes.

niewaznekto · Apr 6, 2021

No chapter? :(

Greydra · Author · Apr 6, 2021

Still working on it. A small slump, but not a big deal either. 


Plus, it's a double-release, so it obviously needs more time than normal.

niewaznekto · Apr 6, 2021


Tori_the_Birb · Mar 21, 2021


Ain · Feb 2, 2021

Are there any dragon specific classes?

Greydra · Author · Feb 2, 2021

Planning on it.

crazedreader · Feb 3, 2021

So Garami's going to start acquiring dragon skills soon? I think Dragon Power is already high enough.

Jessigurl · Dec 3, 2020

Might want to contact the site admin. I haven't seen your story posted on the homepage under the Latest Updates section since chapter 31. Several of my friends who also read your story also were not aware of new chapters. We thought you might have been sick until we went searching for your story and found you have posted more. Also, keep up the good work! clear.png

Greydra · Author · Dec 3, 2020

Hmm? I'm always checking after publishing the chapters, and they're always up and running under the Latest Updates section. Gonna check after releasing the latest chapter. Thanks for telling me.

Greydra · Author · Dec 4, 2020

It's up and running on the Latest Updates now. 

Ain · Nov 30, 2020

Why is Garami so strong?

Greydra · Author · Nov 30, 2020

Because she's been training her body and skills 24/7 since she was born. Normal people and monsters don't do that all the time, so the proficiency they gain is slower than that of Garami. 

Also, she had the bonus skills for being the Champion of Alvatria. But, without them, she wouldn't have survived the Water-Knot. 

Greydra · Author · Nov 30, 2020

And since surviving the Water-Knot is what made her that strong, it's safe to say Garami's that strong because she is the Champion of Alvatria. Kinda opposite of the other Champions, who were strong from the start, so they were chosen as such.

Ain · Nov 29, 2020

How does Marcs dimensional merchant affect his Soul?

Greydra · Author · Nov 29, 2020

Nothing at all. It's only some Extra Skills that affect the owner, such as those representing famous individuals (some of them), the monster-related ones (some of them again), and the Seven Virtue/Sin skills (ALL of them). 

The skills that aren't of any of the above-mentioned three are completely safe.

PieCoNsUmEr · Aug 24, 2020

Even if you aren’t going to finish of the arc of the prototype, can you tell us what Levi wants to evolve into, and resolve the undead arena cliffhanger.

Greydra · Author · Aug 24, 2020

I'm planning on solving the prototype arc, it's just that the inspiration for the main one won't stop!!

As for Levi's evolution, I'll be kind and spoil it: 


It's Dracopyre, a vampire/undead dragon hybrid. It's not the same as what Garami designed at the end of the main story.

ThatOneMemeBoi · Jul 29, 2020

“Just an amateur that likes to read and write fantasy in his free time.

I'm a beginner, so feel free to point out mistakes.“

I’m gonna call bullshit on that

Shirokuma · Jun 10, 2020

Life + death = ????

Greydra · Author · Jun 10, 2020

The Undead attribute. 

Shoto · Jun 10, 2020

@Greydra. , Oi, como tá? Para quando está planejando o próximo capítulo?? Tô com saudades da nossa demônio carismática preferida 

Greydra · Author · Jun 10, 2020

I'm working on it. There's also a special surprise that comes with the next chapter.

Shoto · Jun 10, 2020

@Greydra , surpresas?? Espero que seja uma boa surpresa.... E Garami já vai escolher as 2 habilidades que faltam? Seria bom se ele esperasse seu carma cair mais até atingir -100, assim ele consegue uma habilidade de olho maligno.

Greydra · Author · Jun 10, 2020

@Shoto One of them. But it's something even she didn't expect to find.

Rizon · Jun 8, 2020

Is the story going to be confusing if I dont read the rework from start and just resume to where i left?

Greydra · Author · Jun 8, 2020

It will be damn confusing. I'm creating the rewrite as a whole new story after all. The prototype is gonna stay, and I'll end it with Arc 3, so it's better to read the new story from the beginning.

SolRem · Jun 7, 2020

Author-san, is the original dropped?

Greydra · Author · Jun 7, 2020

It's gonna stay, but I'm not planning on writing any more than to complete Arc 3.

Greydra · Author · Jun 6, 2020

Alright, the skills stay capped at Lv.50, but the Immunity skills have gotten a face-lift. Read chapter 6 again now if you're interested. 

Greydra · Author · Jun 5, 2020

Alright, a question (or 2) for you all:

I'm planning on increasing the max level of skills from 50 to 100. However, one can still evolve skills at Lv.50, but there's no discounts for using skills above that level.

And the second thing I'm planning is a change to Immunity skills. Instead of outright negating all attacks of the related attribute, the skill will have a skill level and only negate moves of a certain level threshold, decided by the Immunity skill's level.

So, what do  you think?

Shoto · Jun 5, 2020

@Greydra ,Eu concordo com o seu ponto de vista. Mas como vais ser a classificação de resistência? pequeno, normal e grande? e uma resistência (pequena) nível 70 é mais forte que uma habilidade de resistência (normal) nível 10? Acredito que você pode fazer com que 2 níveis do pequeno equivalente a 1 nível normal, mas porque uma pessoa iria elevar a habilidade (pequeno), enquanto ela pode evoluir para (normal)?

975894247 · Jun 5, 2020

like the second option, IDK about the first one

Greydra · Author · Jun 5, 2020

@Shoto Small and Normal resistances? What's that supposed to be? Are you mistaken them for the ability skills?

Shoto · Jun 6, 2020

@Greydra , opa, erro de tradução, desculpa, eu acho que entendi o que você quis dizer agora. concordo com a dua proposta, mas pense sobre colocar algumas restrições sobre as habilidades acima de nível 50, pelo menos alguma dificuldade extra. 

Greydra · Author · May 31, 2020

The new chapter 4 is now out. 

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Shoto · May 31, 2020

@Greydra , não se preocupe, você faz um excelente trabalho. E não tem nenhum problema, nós os seus leitores ajudá-lo.

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    Just an amateur that likes to read and write fantasy in his free time.
    I'm a beginner, so feel free to point out mistakes.

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