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Dec 9, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Dec 9, 2022
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Xcalibur_Xc · · Author · Apr 22, 2024

Coincidentally, there's another guy with the same name as UnknownMaster on Webnovel. So, don't confuse me with that author. I'm Xcalibur_Xc. LOL. Finally managed to change my user name. No more confusion now.

BOOKW0RM · Apr 23, 2024

LMAO, I was very confused when I had followed someone with your username. 

Zeroexe103 · Mar 29, 2024

Yo someone on YouTube and patreon is posting your works. He goes by Novel Audio Forge. He is doing this to several authors. 

Xcalibur_Xc · Author · Mar 29, 2024

Thanks for letting me know. Just stopped one thief and another appeared. Let's see what I can do on my end.

Pixxie · Nov 25, 2023

Thank you for reading my story.

Marcos200666 · Nov 7, 2023

Hello, can I make a suggestion why you don't try to make a fic of a Viltrumite Mc or Kryptonian or a hybrid between the two races?

This is a suggestion, I'm not telling you that you have to do it because I told you so.
AvidReed · May 29, 2023

Mass effect fanfiction, getting excited 

Karushin · May 20, 2023

Buongiorno,  come mai sono scomparsi alcuni romanzi?

Xcalibur_Xc · Author · May 20, 2023

I am not working on them for now. If I update those novels then it will be available on Royal Road or Webnovel. Right now I decided to focus on these 3 fictions.

Karushin · May 20, 2023


Devil13 · Apr 17, 2023

I checked in the webnovel but the novel isn't present it

Xcalibur_Xc · Author · Apr 17, 2023

Which one?

Xcalibur_Xc · Author · Apr 17, 2023

If you are talking about Draconia then it takes approx 6k words to get views and 15k words to get votes. So, it takes time. As for Assassin in Narutoverse. I changed the name to Harem in Narutoverse.

Don426 · Apr 9, 2023

Do you know who is the spidergirl on webnovel cover

Xcalibur_Xc · Author · Apr 10, 2023

Ai generated.

Don426 · Feb 17, 2023

Webnovel dc marvel harem supergirl cover artist name please for cultured artist name collection please

Xcalibur_Xc · Author · Feb 17, 2023

I don't remember found it on Pinterest while searching for a good pic.

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