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Jan 8, 2023

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 8, 2023
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OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Feb 9, 2024

Status update today instead of a story drop, unfortunately. So I got some awesome life news things! Got a promotion at work, going to be stepping things up with better pay and benefits, leading a team. Problem is, this also comes with a cross-country move. As a result, my posting will be significantly slowed this month and next.

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Feb 9, 2024

I can guarantee In The Mirror will go up (both of those are already written), but Remote Work, Stay In Vegas, and I’m Blue (in that order) will be as I get the chance to do them. Should be back in the swing of things in April for regular schedules.

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Jan 12, 2024

The Quaranteam Writers Room is proud to present a new, merged website for all of our public content! A couple of us are already here, but you can find a LOT more Quaranteam content at !

Oomphaloskepsis · Jan 12, 2024

Excellent news! I have been scraping google looking for various authors based on BronanTheLibrarian’s intro posts. Nice to have them all in one spot. Many thanks. clear.png

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Dec 15, 2023

Hey everyone! Slight delays on some of my writing for this week due to life kinda blowing up in my face, but I’m back on it. Today’s chapter of I’m Blue will be out as soon as I can finish it, but to tide you over until then you can enjoy the first chapter of a new Becoming Monsters side story! Stay In Vegas is a fun one to write, so I hope you like it

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Sep 17, 2023

Another new series arrives! Having received permission to write from CorruptingPower and with Under Pressure winding down (the Epilogue is coming in a couple of weeks), I have begun posting my entry into the Quaranteam universe! Remote Work focuses on the undesirables of the system, looking up from the bottom. Then again, it is me, so you know there’s going to be some twists to this. The first chapter is already up, and Chapter 2 will go up on the 29th

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Jul 28, 2023

Apologies to the fans of Under Pressure for the delay in this chapter. I forgot to schedule this one properly and just realized it. Caught up, now, and the next one is set for the Third Friday of August as usual.

RedNemesis · Apr 28, 2023

Hello. I like your series. But they have only one problem : a lot of different characters. I know it isn't really a problem but you publish only one chapter a week. That means sometimes it's hard to remember the different characters 1, 2 or 3 weeks laters. For someone who read the series in one go, it's not a problem but for those who follow the serie it can be. Could I suggest to use the glossary to have the basic information of the characters.

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Apr 28, 2023

Will do, soon as I can!

RedNemesis · Apr 28, 2023

Thanks. Ideally you should also make an announcement somewhere when you do (beginning of a chapter for example) because I don't think everybody (writer and reader actually) knows of the glossary even if it's useful. 

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Apr 20, 2023

I’m proud to announce the start of a new series! Becoming Monsters: I’m Blue marks me venturing into RomCom territory at the request of a generous Patron. I hope you all enjoy! It is scheduled to drop Thursday, though it might on Friday from approval. Thereafter, it will join Tidbits in releasing on the first Friday of each month.

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Apr 10, 2023

Because it was too good to last, apparently. Got a transphobe in my comments on a different site. Comment nuked, user reported, but I felt the need to say something. I do not tolerate hatred. Period. My stories strive to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, and stick to their morals. If you see something you think is offensive, let me know and I will edit it. If you see someONE being offensive, let me know and I will report and nuke.

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Apr 4, 2023

Alright! Welcome to April! Due to a combination of Patron raffle… and the winner dropping money on me to extend it… I am now working on a new monthly series! It will update here on the first Friday of each month, starting May. What’s the concept? Set in the Becoming Monsters universe, boy meets girl, but girl is a Genie. One accidental wish later, and they have to figure out how to be boyfriend and girlfriend… because according to the universe, they already are! 

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Mar 13, 2023

Someone pointed out that I forgot to actually put the Mind Control tag on my Master PC story. Oops. Fixed now

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Mar 6, 2023

One more cause for celebration as my Patreon has picked up its tenth subscriber! Time to start doing raffles and the like clear.png

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Feb 28, 2023

Celebrating! In The Mirror has broken into the Top 25 for the Incubus tag! Thank you to all my readers for pushing me this far

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Feb 27, 2023

Some of you noticed the first chapter of a new story go up. Master PC: Responsibility is something I wrote on a dare and got out of hand. It totaled about 17,000 words, and has already been broken up into chapters. Eight more will post throughout the month of March, already pre-scheduled starting on the 4th. Enjoy my take on that story series.

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Feb 17, 2023

Today, I begin posting a third series here on SH! Under Pressure was the first thing I wrote that crossed 20k words. All of the first story arc will be going up every couple of days (for four chapters), I’m slowly working on the second arc now.

OtterlyMindblowing · Author · Feb 9, 2023

This Friday is going to be busy. Not only do I have another chapter going up, but I’m also going back and editing the ones already here. I had to make some big revisions, not the least of which was leaving behind names from the OGL.

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