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Jan 14, 2023

Joined: Jan 14, 2023
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I'm an amateur writer for about 30 years, but I took it more seriously in the last 15 years. I've since completed 3 series and have 3 ongoing. I like to try out genres and styles so you'll find my work moves around.

Eytha · Author · Apr 7, 2024

The Siege Arc is now complete.  Shift will be moving into the third arc, The War Arc starting on Tuesday.  This arc is much shorter only being rough 100 chapters in length, but tonally is very different.  I consider The War Arc to be the horror arc of the story, though it's not full horror movie scares.  It's just the darkest and most unsettling arc with many horror elements.  It'll still be shounen action at the end of the day.

Eytha · Author · Dec 28, 2023

The arc is now entering into the final battle.  This will still last for roughly another 50 chapters, but everyone's final fights are now starting and it'll be a big brawl to the finish.  Please enjoy!

Eytha · Author · Sep 16, 2023

As of Chapter 198 we're entering a mini-arc involving Eudokia/Ayumi's backstory.  It's about 10 chapters and will reveal a number of things focused on her and Atlantis.

Eytha · Author · Jun 25, 2023

As of Chapter 162 I'm now caught up with the postings also on Royal Road.  So I will now be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday like there.  If there is interest in more frequency let me know.

Eytha · Author · Apr 17, 2023

Chapter 94 is now posted with The Siege Arc beginning.  There are a total of 4 sub-arcs for this arc rather than the 15 in the last.  The first sub-arc is a mini two chapter prelude followed by the massive chunks of the Journey to Atlantis Sub-Arc 96-217 and Siege of the Capital Sub-Arc 218-276.  This will then conclude in an epilogue Weight of Truth Sub-Arc 277-285.

Eytha · Author · Apr 17, 2023

I'm almost caught up to where it's posted on Royal Road, which is currently releasing 133 today. So once Scribble Hub is caught to that point, it will go down from daily posts to 3 chapters a week. I would like to be able to post more, but I've got a lot of things vying for my attention, a full time job being one of them. However like with any of my hobby work, if there is a strong enough demand for more releases I can dedicate more time.

Eytha · Author · Apr 16, 2023

The last chapter of the School Days Arc has been posted, tomorrow The Siege Arc begins.  The Siege Arc is a very long story arc involved dozens of fights throughout.  This is a very fight focused arc, expect long stretches of gauntlets of battles.  My rule of thumb is no fight will go over 5 chapters, but with 9 main characters it adds up fast.

FusionStories · Apr 16, 2023

Ngl, you have some pretty good fight scenes.

Eytha · Author · Apr 16, 2023

Thanks!  I'm happy you enjoy them.  Hopefully the up coming ones live up.

Eytha · Author · Apr 10, 2023

Shift is now in the final sub-arc of the first arc.  Chapter 93 will mark the conclusion to the arc.  The second arc, The Siege will begin with Chapter 94.

Eytha · Author · Mar 15, 2023

The major plot twist for the first arc has hit and now it's moving into the fallout from that event.  The new status quo will be explored going through these chapters.  Hope you enjoy Chapter 61 today and future chapters.

Eytha · Author · Mar 4, 2023

Chapter 50 is now published starting the all important turning point for the story.  By the end of Chapter 60 nothing will be the same again and the action will move into high gear.

Eytha · Author · Mar 1, 2023

All the introduction sub-arcs are complete now, chapter 46 today starts the breather sub-arc of 4 chapters before things get into the big plot beats coming.

Eytha · Author · Feb 21, 2023

With Chapter 38 uploaded, the Fumiko sub-arc Dreamers is complete.  Shift will be moving into the final of the character introductions sub-arc before advancing towards the big plot beats hitting.  The upcoming Beast and Shade Sub-Arc will start transitioning the story into the more action focus.

Eytha · Author · Jan 17, 2023


Fox-Trot-9 · Jan 15, 2023

Holy moly, is that really you? Talk about a blast from the past, wow! Welcome to SH! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Fox-Trot-9 · Jan 18, 2023

In the 'Edit signature' box, there's a picture icon that says 'Insert Image.' That's where you paste the link of your cover. Image should appear there, so select it. In the chainlink icon that says 'Insert Link,' that's where you past the link of your story. After that, you can resize your image to your liking and then hit 'save'. Hope this helps!

Fox-Trot-9 · Jan 18, 2023

Okay, hopefully, this makes sense.

Fox-Trot-9 · Jan 18, 2023

Ok, I followed you on the forum, too.

Eytha · Author · Jan 18, 2023

So it works like Royal Road does with the signatures then.  Yeah I went through all the tags and tried to find the ones that were accurate without being misleading.  Shift is 600+ chapters, some things take a while to happen.

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    I'm an amateur writer for about 30 years, but I took it more seriously in the last 15 years. I've since completed 3 series and have 3 ongoing. I like to try out genres and styles so you'll find my work moves around.

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